Scouts learn to make safe nesting areas for ducks

Mike Carson
Published on February 13, 2014

SUMMERSIDE- Local scouts, cubs and beavers got hands-on experience, Tuesday, to help create safe areas for mallard ducks to nest.



Members of the P.E.I. of Delta Waterfowl took the youngsters through the procedure of constructing hen houses the ducks will use for nesting areas in the springtime.

The houses offer the ducks a safe area away from foxes and other animals and birds that feed on their eggs.

“We have invited the local Chapter of the Delta Waterfowl and they’ve done a presentation of what they do,” said Vanessa MacFarlane, leader of the Summerside-St. Eleanors beavers.

MacFarlane said the main reason Delta Waterfowl came was to teach the youngsters the art of creating hen houses for nesting areas for mallard ducks.

These are pretty important to have,” she said. “It’s a way that we can help the local mallard duck population by creating these tubes.”

The youngsters helped Delta Waterfowl members measure out and cut wire frames for the houses and threading them with hay to create a shelter and then the wire frames are rolled into a tube and fastened.

“Not this Saturday, but the following Saturday, we going to go out to a frozen pond, drill through the ice and put these tubes on stakes,” MacFarlane said. “Come springtime, the mallard ducks will fly back to P.E.I. and look for a suitable nesting location. They will see these tubes, which are away from predators, foxes and coyotes.”

MacFarlane said without the tubes, the ducks would be nesting along the pond and be vulnerable to predators.

“This is just one think that we, as local scouts, can do to help our environment,” she said.

The youngsters raged in age from five to 13and each group made a hen house tube.

Along with the hen house project, the youngsters heard about the work being done by the P.E.I. Chapter Delta Waterfowl and were treated to a duck and goose calling demonstration.          


Eric Paynter from the P.E.I. Chapter of Delta Waterfowl takes local scouts, cubs and beavers through the stages of creating a safe nesting area for mallard ducks

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