O’Leary’s new liquor store opens

Eric McCarthy newsroom@journalpioneer.com
Published on January 13, 2014

John DeSantis and Brittney McCague, visiting from Toronto, stock up Monday in O’Leary’s brand new liquor store. It’s located in a freshly renovated section of the O’Leary Farmers’ Co-op building which formerly housed the Co-op’s furniture department.

Eric McCarthy/Journal Pioneer

O’LEARY -- The manager of the O’Leary Liquor Store is confident the store’s re-location will be good both for its customers and for the O’Leary Farmers’ Co-op.

Since last Thursday O’Leary store staff and other P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission staff were busy stocking shelves in the new location, the O’Leary Farmers’ Co-op’s former furniture store space, so that it would be ready to open Monday morning.

“It looks great. They did a great job renovating the old store to make it look brand new,” O’Leary liquor store manager Karen MacDonald commented as customers checked out the selection.

“The layout is so nice and so easy to follow,” MacDonald said. The new space allows for more shelf space for displaying product and for some additional labels to be carried, but where customers will probably notice the biggest change, the manager suggested, is in the beer cooler.

In O’Leary’s old liquor store, only a small percentage of the big was in cooler space whereas all beer on display in the new location are inside the walk-in cooler space. “That’s what people look for, it’s cold beer,” MacDonald said. “It doesn’t matter the season.”

The additional space and a more central, easy-to-find location, were important considerations in the move.

Although there are doors separating Co-op Grocery and PEILCC space, customers can move from one store to the other without going outside. This morning a customer came with a Co-op bag, shopped and out the door he went,” MacDonald observed. “I think it’s benefitting both of us.”

Finding the old store was sometimes difficult, especially for tourists, a staff member noted.

Remaining product at the old liquor store is being transferred to O’Leary’s new location.