Cape Traverse Twins vying for “Amazing Race Canada”

Colin MacLean
Published on March 6, 2013

Leon and Arlo Sutherland posing for a picture in Twinsburg, Ohio, 2012, during the largest twins convention in the world.  The Cape Traverse natives are trying to land themselves a spot on “The Amazing Race Canada.” Submitted photo

SUMMERSIDE – “We’ve both pooped our pants while travelling – that’s a type of environment that you really have to think critically in.”

So ends the “Amazing Race” video pitch made by twins Arlo and Leon Sutherland.

Yeah – they go there.

“You need something for people to remember you by,” laughed Arlo on Tuesday.

The Cape Traverse born brothers are vying against thousands of other Canadians for a chance to participate in the first ever “Amazing Race Canada” reality television show.

The guys are 27 years old and are both chemical engineers. Arlo works for an “evil oil company” according to Leon, while he works for a green energy company.

Arlo’s in Calgary and Leon lives in Ottawa.

Their parents are Lorne Sutherland and Kathy MacWilliams; both of whom have been supportive of their efforts to participate in the show, said Arlo.

“The Amazing Race Canada” will air on CTV this summer, and despite rumours to the contrary, the Sutherland boys haven’t been told yet whether they made the final cut.

They don’t expect the producers to start calling people for interviews until later this month. 

In the meantime, they’re just glad people seem to be enjoying their video, in which they make their case as to why they should be on the show.

It has about 4,700 hits on YouTube, and is getting some pretty heavy circulation in local Facebook circles.

It was even highlighted by the online newspaper as one of the best pitches.

It can be found by searching online for their Twitter handle, @peiTwins.

The guys themselves think they have a good shot at getting on the show, because they’re both entertaining and twins. There’s usually at least one set of twins on each season of “Amazing Race”, said Leon.

“It would be the chance of a lifetime. Every day would be extremely tiring, but I think it would be really rewarding,” said Leon. 

“No reservations. I don’t think we’ll be shy to the camera or anything like that – and I think we’ll shine on the camera.”

Arlo sees the show as a chance to bond with his brother, which he said he doesn’t get to see as much as he’d like.

As kids they were always competing for friends or grades, he said, but once they split up for university they were able to develop on their own. They have grown closer because of that.

Unfortunately, life took them to separate provinces, he added.

“I think the shooting takes place over several weeks, so it will be a lot of one on one time with each other – and an awesome adventure,” he said.

“The Amazing Race Canada” will involve several teams of two racing from one place in the country to another, all the while finishing various challenges.