Family and friends share personal stories at Summerside Relay

Published on June 1, 2014

Beth Barbrick-Crozier (left) and Helga Reisch MacNeill share memories of their friend, Dawn Davis, who died of breast cancer in 2009.

Some were crying for those lost, some were celebration for those saved and some are still fighting a battle.

Whatever the reason, every participant and observer was emotional at the Summerside Relay for Life on Friday.

Amongst a crowd of 300 at the Summerside Raceway, sat a small group of people who call themselves The Hive Honeys. Remembering their friend, Dawn Davis, who died in her early forties with breast cancer.

“She’s the reason we’re still here,” team member Beth Barbrick-Crozier said. “Dawn was an inspiration to us, she always fought back against cancer, that’s who she was.”

It all began in 2002 when Davis had been diagnosed with breast cancer, after treatments she was cancer free. But in 2004 Davis had pains in her legs and it was determined to be bone cancer. Month’s later, liver cancer was also found in Davis. She underwent radiation and chemotherapy to control both cancers.

While living with cancer, the bad news continued, in 2006 doctors had found eight tumors in her brain. Once again she underwent more radiation and had removed or shrunk each tumor.  

Things finally began looking upwards, but then a turn for the worse, she had relapsed. The breast cancer had returned and in March of 2009 Davis passed away.