Shawn Hogan bringing comedy shows home

Published on November 30, 2012

ALBERTON -- A standup comedian from Mill River East, currently living and working in Toronto, is crafting a new routine for three shows he will be hosting while home for Christmas.

Shawn Hogan, known to his school friends as Hogermyer, will be hosting shows at the Albert and Crown Pub in Alberton on December 22 and 23 and at The Landing Oyster House and Pub in Tyne Valley on December 29.

Hogan, 29, admits there is an ulterior reason for wanting to host comedy shows while at home. “Every time I go home, everybody knows, kind of, what I’m doing, but not at all, because they haven’t seen it,” he explained. “Instead of me explaining 50 times over to different people what I’ve been up to, I can be lazy and explain it in one big shot at a bar over a bunch of beer with a microphone. It makes life pretty easy for me.”

Thus the name of the show, “The ‘What’s That Hogan Fella Been up to, Anyway?’ Comedy Show.”

Hogan will close the shows. He will be accompanied by two other Island comics, Stephen Kinch from Alberton who has been doing standup in Halifax, and Diana Love from Charlottetown who entertains in Toronto and was recently featured on CTV’s Comedy Now show.

Hogan got his start in comedy on the Broken City stage in Calgary.

He explains how it came about. “I was a carpenter’s assistant and I had him howling laughing one day with some ridiculous story from back home and he just mentioned that he had gone to a comedy school at one point. He said ‘I don’t know why you don’t do that.’ That was the only seed I needed planted in my head for it.”

He started checking out the open mike at Broken City, a club with a reputation of being nice to newcomers to the stage. After four weeks of watching and listening, he was ready for his first performance and felt it went over well.

After 11 months of standup in Calgary, Hogan joined the comedy community in Montreal and honed his craft there for two years. During that time he made two trips to Toronto and was well-received there. He has been working as a painter and carpenter’s helper in Toronto for over a year now while continuing on as a semi-professional standup comedian. Recently he started hosting comedy houses and is enjoying that experience.

He said he is looking forward to hosting shows at home and said this about his hosting style: “I’m going to make them feel at home pretty quickly, and I’m going to make them laugh.”