Man receives 28 months for dealing drugs

Nancy MacPhee
Published on January 6, 2010

SUMMERSIDE - He was caught with drugs outside a popular teen hangout. Then, just two months later, Wayne Gallant was busted again.
Now, Gallant is in prison for trying to earn extra cash by selling drugs.
In Summerside Provincial Court Tuesday, Gallant, who has a record for dealing drugs, was sentenced to 28 months in a federal prison.
"These are all very dangerous or what are called hard drugs," said Provincial Court Judge Jeff Lantz. "He didn't learn his lesson from his incarceration in 2004."
Gallant, 48, was caught with what's considered some of the more dangerous drugs currently on the streets: cocaine, Dilaudid and hydromorphone.
In October 2008, police busted Gallant late at night outside Need's Convenience in Summerside, what the Crown called a well-known hangout for area youth.
On him, police found prescription drugs, including hydromorphone, score sheets with names and amounts owed and cash. He was arrested and later released.
Then in December 2008, Gallant was busted again, this time at a Granville Street residence.
Police seized 12.5 grams of cocaine worth $1,250 on the streets, $1,555 in cash, digital scales, small plastic bags used to package drugs and score sheets.
A woman living in the home said based on talk and traffic in and out of the apartment, she had suspected Gallant was selling drugs.
Gallant was again arrested and released on a promise to appear in court.
Crown attorney Matthew MacFarlane said since being arrested Gallant has done little to clean up his act, failing to get a job or seek addictions treatment.
"The fear is that he could fall back into his old habits of dealing drugs," said MacFarlane, noting Gallant indicated he sold drugs solely as a source of income.
The Crown noted Gallant had served eight months in jail in 2004 for dealing drugs. He had been caught at that time with morphine, cocaine, Oxycontin, cannabis resin and marijuana.
Due to the severity of the drugs, his previous conviction and close proximity of the two arrests, MacFarlane asked that federal time be imposed.
"(We need) to bring home that this method of money-making will not be condoned."
Gallant represented himself in court and chose not to speak in his defence.
"Cocaine certainly has been a problem in many jurisdictions, including this one," said Lantz during sentencing, adding Gallant's October 2008 arrest "failed to slow him down."
In addition to time behind bars, Gallant is prohibited for life from possessing or owning weapons; must provide a DNA sample and must forfeit cash seized by police.