Island-made scale Lego model of Titanic on display in Cavendish this summer

Published on June 23, 2017

From left, Dawn Holmes, Alex Opydo and Angela Jennings with the Lego Titanic model on display at Mariner’s Cover Boardwalk in Cavendish. P.E.I. resident Ben MacLeod built the scale model after receiving a request from a collector in Qatar. It took MacLeod 125,000 Lego pieces and 2,000 hours over three years to create the model.

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CAVENDISH, P.E.I. – Ben MacLeod may just be a master of miniature interior design using Lego.

It must have sounded like an unusual request for the Northam, P.E.I., resident when a collector in Doha, Qatar, contacted him about building a scale model — inside and out — of the infamous Titanic.

It took three years, but MacLeod was up to the challenge.

Now his Lego Titanic is on display at Mariner’s Cove Boardwalk in Cavendish before it sets sail for Qatar.

“There have been some pretty big Lego Titanic models built to date, but to our knowledge, no one has ever attempted the interior,” said MacLeod.

The model was constructed using around 125,000 pieces, and took about 2,000 hours to build. The model is almost 10 feet long, 20 inches wide and stands more than 32 inches high.

Ben MacLeod of Northam, P.E.I., built this scale Lego model of the Titanic over the course of three years at the request of a collector from Doha, Qatar. The model will be on display at Mariner's Cove Boardwalk in Cavendish until Sept. 24.
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Interior details include an engine room complete with turbines, ventilation and other intricate details; the first-class dining room, including the tables and chairs; and all the first-class guest cabins.

Sun chairs line the top deck, and closer inspection even reveals two Lego pieces on the bow, nodding to the famous scene in James Cameron’s film version of “Titanic.”

MacLeod collaborated with the collector to create a set of detailed blueprints on a scale that would keep costs manageable and still make interior details possible.

Research included historical accounts and books about the Titanic and the building process.

Once complete, the buyer suggested that Ben display the model locally.

The Lego Titanic model will be on display at Wax World of the Stars at Mariner’s Cove Boardwalk until Sept. 24.

“Wax World of the Stars has an entire room dedicated to the Titanic, so it’s a great fit for us,” said Matthew Jelley, president of Maritime Fun Group, which operates Wax World. “When Ben contacted me with the opportunity to display the replica, we embraced the idea.”