Summerside born motivational speaker releases new CD of songs

Corey Poirier's 'Evil Anthems' inspired by lost love, late grandfather, Canadian scientist and popular movie character

Published on August 29, 2014
Summerside native, Corey Poirier, recently released a new CD, "Evil Anthems."
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With his first music video and single "Your Jacob" now available, Corey Poirier recently announced a new solo CD release, "Evil Anthems."

"This CD is a long time in the making, and I'm actually thankful I didn't release it back in 2002 when some of the first songs for the CD were written," said Poirier, a Summerside-born motivational speaker. "I released two CDs just since I started working on this CD, but this one wasn't ready until now. Two of the tracks in fact were just written late last year, and I don't feel I would have been able to release the CD and the video to as large of an audience had I released it in 2002 when the world was a smaller place as a result of technology limitations."

Poirier adds, "One of the songs was inspired by a comment during my interview with Dr. David Suzuki, and another is about my late grandfather, Eddie Doucette, the man who built the space shuttle replica in Cavendish."

Recorded and mastered by Island producer Gordon Belsher from his studio in Murray Harbour, and featuring a backing band including Summerside's Mike "Skin" Bernard and Neal Riley, the new CD could certainly be labelled Island-born in many ways.

Poirier's musical stylings feature a blend of storytelling with a folky/pop rock vibe.

In an effort to remain as interactive with this CD as possible, Poirier ran a contest to name a song on the new release and he had Facebook friends help him in acquiring items for the video, which sees Poirier transform into a werewolf.

"Your Jacob," a song that loosely satires the Jacob character from the popular "Twilight" movie series, is the first single from the new CD. It can be heard on iTunes, and online at The new video is on YouTube, as well as various other video platforms.

Copies of the new "Evil Anthems" CD can be purchased through Amazon, iTunes or more than 50 digital stores. Learn more about Corey and join the tribe at