Pony’s restaurant topic for history circle in Summerside Monday

Mike Carson newsroom@journalpioneer.com
Published on July 18, 2014

Roy “Pony” Daley ran the most popular restaurant in Summerside in the ’50s and ’60s. The Summerside and Area Historical Society will revive memories of Pony’s with a history circle on July 21 at the Summerside Legion from 10 a.m. to noon.

From collection of Gerald Daley

SUMMERSIDE - It was the place to be in the 1950s and the ‘60s and the Summerside and Area Historical Society will revive the memories of Roy “Pony” Daley and Pony’s Restaurant with a history circle on Monday, July 21.

“I remember it first when I was six years old,” said history circle organizer, George Dalton. “It was an old building. What was neat about it was that Pony Daley played baseball on the famous Curran and Briggs teams of the late ’40s. Being a sports fan, lots of people would come in and he would talk about and reminisce about sport in the community.”

Dalton said Pony’s was the place to go when he was a youngster.

“We would come from the ball diamond and go down to Pony’s to get a pop. It became the local gathering place. All of the teenagers would gather there on Friday night. It became a hub of not only young people but also old people. They ran a very successful restaurant. So many people were employed there.”

Dalton promises there will be great stories shared at Monday’s historical.

“Thinking back, I don’t k now how Pony put up with all of us young fellows but everybody has a story about Pony’s,” he said. People stop me in the street and say ‘What’s your connection?’”

 Gerry Daley, Pony’s son, found Pony’s ball glove and he’s going to put that on display during the history circle.

“The idea is for people to bring out their pictures and their albums but more importantly, their stories,” Dalton said.  “It’s honouring the memory of people. No matter where you go, people have that relationship with Pony’s. A lot of restaurants are known for their food. Pony’s hamburgers were something to have as kids. It’s just one of those memories you have.”

Dalton said, when word got out that Pony’s would be a topic for a history circle, the response was overwhelming.

“I was getting calls from people in Charlottetown telling me that they were coming,” he said.

The Pony Dale history circle will take place on Monday, July 21, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Summerside legion.