Dinner theatre returns to Expo-Festival Centre in Abram-Village

Published on July 11, 2014

ABRAM-VILLAGE – Expo-Festival Centre's dinner theatre V'nez veiller is back this summer with a new play, "La p'tite shoppe à Pape."
For the first time the dinner theatre is also offering a play in English entitled "Stories from Home." Performances will take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this summer.

Every year Expo-Festival Centre presents its popular dinner theatre V'nez veiller and every year a crazy new comedy is produced, guaranteeing audiences a fun-filled evening of laughter. During the show, the audience also has an opportunity to enjoy a delicious four-course meal and listen to great Acadian music.

The new play, "La p'tite shoppe à Pape," will run every Wednesday and Thursday from July 16 to Aug. 27. Wayne Robichaud is back as playwright, actor and artistic director.

"La p'tite shoppe à Pape" tells the story of a group of young people in the 1950s who work in a soda shoppe with old Pape, who wants nothing to do with their newfangled rock 'n' roll. The kids try to hide their new group, Sue et les shingdingalings, from Pape while auditioning for their first show. This dinner theatre mingles 1950s rock 'n' roll with Acadian music.

In hopes of attracting new audiences, the V'nez veillez dinner theatre will also be offering a play in English every Tuesday from July 22 to Aug. 26.

The play, "Stories From Home," is an adaptation of the French play "Les belles histoires de par chez-nous" presented last year. Not only is "Stories From Home" the title of the production, but it is also the name of the No. 1 soap opera on the Acadian community television which is what this show is all about.

It's a show within a show. Part of the show is the soap opera with all of its lying, cheating and plots to murder for money. The other part is about the actors of the soap opera and the lying, cheating and, well, no murders, but plots about money and how a cheap producer will do anything to save a buck, even killing off the show's biggest star.

The actors returning this year are Zakary Cormier, Debbie Rousselle-Montgomery and Julie Arsenault. The new performers are Janine Arsenault, Mario "Fayo" LeBlanc (only in "La p'tite shoppe à Pape") and Tom DesRoches (only in "Stories From Home").

Performances start at 6:30 p.m. Admission is $29.95 plus tax for adults and $12.95 plus tax for children 12 and under. For more information, contact Brian Gallant at 902-854-3300 or briangallant@villagemusical.com.