New book by Carol Ann Arnim speaks to healing power of animals

Darlene Shea
Published on March 12, 2014
Cover of Carol Ann Arnim’s book, “Crossing My Rainbow Bridge.”
Carol Ann Arnim

In her memoir “Crossing My Rainbow Bridge,” published by Balboa Press, author Carol Ann Arnim presents a collection of short stories that tell her inspiring story of love, grief and the guide dogs who changed her outlook on life.

It begins on an oil rig in Alberta where she meets her true love, Robert. After his death serendipity blesses her with the raising of five service dogs – two for guide dogs for the blind and three wheelchair dogs for Canine Companions for Independence – which heal her broken heart.

This is her triumphant story of overcoming loss and facing down seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Arnim says that, “Despite the inevitable and often tragic circumstances of life, a person can rise above and embrace their true essence which will carry one through to the other side and beyond what they could have never imagined while in the midst of their crisis.”

Five years ago, Arnim was living with her five dogs on Vancouver Island.

“My brother Roger was also living on the island and he wanted to move to P.E.I., so he planted the seed for me to move to the Island,” said the author.

“I left north Vancouver Island and drove solo with three labs across Canada to P.E.I.”

She now lives outside Kensington “with one lab.”

“I was blessed to meet literally hundreds of people with my working dogs … For years people told me you ought to write a book and so I began to write short stories about my adventures and thus over time a book evolved.

“My book is a creation of 50 stories of my life journey,” added Arnim. “It ends with a story about crossing the bridge to P.E.I. and life on the Island.”

“Crossing My Rainbow Bridge” can be found at Bookmark, Health Within, Indigo, Coles, Amazon or She can be contacted directly at .