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Summerside area restaurants excited for Burger Love

The Pickled & Cured from OpenEats may look small, but it manages to fit in more than enough to please customers.
The Pickled & Cured from OpenEats may look small, but it manages to fit in more than enough to please customers.

Burger Love is here, and Prince County has you covered.

The month-long, Island-wide contest has become a celebration of eating and supporting local since it started in 2011. It takes place throughout April, and this year it offers 84 unique burgers across P.E.I.

Only one will win.

Two of the 11 new restaurants competing this year are looking forward to the exciting month ahead.

Alex Clark owns OpenEats in Summerside. His restaurants burger, the Pickled & Cured, is inspired by winter on P.E.I. when local produce isn’t fresh and preserved foods are the only option.

“[We] wanted to represent what P.E.I. is,” Clark said.

The burger’s cured and smoked patty sits between two house-made buns, and is coated in an umami sauce to create juiciness.

Topped with a pickled brussels sprout and filled with horseradish, gouda cheese, raw onion, retro mayo and tomato chow, the burger is able to pack a lot in and still fit in two hands.

Clark thinks Burger Love will be great for business, because last April they didn’t have many customers due to the 73 Burger Love options elsewhere.

“That is what April has become – a month of burgers. Either do it or close,” he said.

Clark’s team worked very hard on the burger, so he of course thinks it’s the best.

“[But] I’ll let the public decide. I’m a bit biased.”

Duncan Smith is ready for the hectic month ahead at Broadway 45. His burger, the Meat Me on Broadway, aims to represent every part of the cow.

Duncan Smith is the chef at Broadway 45 in Kensington, another new restaurant to Burger Love. He think’s his burger, the Meat Me on Broadway, may have the most unique cuts of meat in the contest.

“It’s not just about the ground beef,” Smith said. “We wanted to use as many different kinds of beef as possible.”

Cuts include a four-ounce patty, a two-ounce beef tenderloin medallion, two ounces of brazed beef, and a grounded brisket, all done in green pepper sauce.

It also contains gouda cheese, grilled onions, grainy mustard, and mayo for good measure.

Although it’ll be busy, Burger Love should bring plenty of new customers from around the Island through their doors, Smith said.

“I’m looking forward to starting it, then three weeks into April I’ll be looking forward to May.”

Veteran Burger Love restaurants are also ready for the busy times ahead.

Emily McKeown is chef and co-owner of FiveEleven West in Summerside. Their style is to make a burger that’s not too over the top.

“I’m not just throwing ingredients on for the sake of it,” she said. “A simpler creation is a better creation.”

The All.In.Burger. features local meat and cheddar cheese, smoky hot sauce, and some pickled veggies to give it tang.

Their popular candy bacon from last year’s burger also makes a return.

McKeown’s goal this year was to make a burger feasible for them and their customers. It can be an expensive month, but their burger will balance taste and value, she said.

“I think it’ll appeal to anyone who doesn’t want anything too cockamamie. It’s a straight-up burger,” she said.

To check out all 84 burgers go online to

Prince County restaurants participating in Burger Love

-       Summerside

-       Kensington

-       Kinkora

-       Slemon Park

-       Tyne Valley

-       O’Leary

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