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Recent fires blamed on faults with oil-fired furnaces

ELLERSLIE – A fault within the burner of an oil-fired furnace is being blamed for a fire that damaged an outbuilding in Ellerslie on Sunday.

The provincial fire marshal made that determination following an investigation into the fire.
The Tyne Valley Fire Department, with assistance form the Tyne Valley Fire Department and the RCMP responded to the call.

The fire marshal also investigated a Saturday morning structure fire in Covehead and determined the cause to be a blockage in the exhaust vent of the building’s oil-fired furnace. The blockage caused the vent pipe to heat up and ignite nearby combustibles on an exterior wall. The North Shore Fire Department answered the fire call.

The Fire Marshal’s Office reminds Islanders that if they notice their oil-fired heating appliances are not functioning properly, are leaving sooty deposits within a structure, are slow to start, or making different noises, they should have the appliances serviced immediately.

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