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Public input sought on improving learning systems for all ages

<p>Wade MacLauchlan surpasses Brad Wall for highest approval rating amongst premiers.</p>
<p>Wade MacLauchlan surpasses Brad Wall for highest approval rating amongst premiers.</p>

CHARLOTTETOWN– The Learning Partners Advisory Council is seeking input from Islanders on how to advance excellence for all learners from birth to their senior years.

Over the past year, council members reviewed global education trends and studied learning throughout Islanders’ lifespan. They put their collective thoughts into a discussion paper titled “Ambition, Excellence and Prosperity”.

The paper outlines 10 priorities and directions for the Island community to collectively support learning excellence throughout early childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and senior years.

“The discussion paper is the Learning Partners Advisory Council’s first step to engage Islanders in a discussion on the importance of learning throughout life,” said council co-chair Bill Whelan.

He continued, “By acting together, we can build connections between our formal and informal learning systems that help Islanders to reach their full potential as creative, skilled, and caring members of society.”

“This is a very important discussion because learning is the most powerful driver of prosperity,” said Premier Wade MacLauchlan, the council’s co-chair. “All Islanders have something to contribute, and we want to hear from as many people as possible on how we can build a culture of continuous learning that advances our quality of life and prosperity.”

The Learning Partners Advisory Council was established in November 2015 to provide advice on strategies to support Islanders’ learning throughout life and includes 25 learning champions from across the province.

Islanders are encouraged to provide input before Jan. 31. Print copies of the discussion paper can be obtained by contacting April at 902-368-4502.



The Learning Partners Advisory Council’s discussion paper “Ambition, Excellence and Prosperity” identifies three priorities the council will focus on initially:

– Learner well-being: promote the mental health and well-being of Islanders at all ages.

– Learner transitions: prepare learners to successfully transition into, through, and out of learning systems and opportunities throughout their lives. Transitions matter and need to be carefully planned, co-ordinated, and supported with a focus on the learner.

– Learning partnerships: strengthen existing and forge new partnerships among learning sectors, communities, municipalities, employers, government departments, non-government organizations, public libraries, culture groups, and others to share in the thinking, planning, and resourcing of learning opportunities for learners at all ages.

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