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Preparing for finals

Three Oaks Senior High School
Three Oaks Senior High School

Parents and Guardians are asked to encourage our TOSH students in their efforts to catch up on any last minute assignments for the semester and begin preparations for final exams, which run Jan. 26 - 31 inclusive. As always, teachers are here for extra help and/or support, but there are limited days left to get things done.

Monday, Jan. 9 – Day 2 of the schedule. 

Tuesday, Jan. 10 – Day 1 of the schedule.

Wednesday, Jan. 11 – Day 2 of the schedule. 

Thursday, Jan. 12 – Day 1 of the schedule.

Friday, Jan. 13 – Day 2 of the schedule.



Jan. 26 Block A Exams

Jan. 27 Block B Exams

Jan. 30 Block C Exams

Jan. 31 Block D Exams

Feb. 1 Turn Around Day - No classes

Feb. 2 First day of Semester 2



Parent Session

Teen Mental Health & Mental Illness: Creating a Common Language & Shared Understanding session is Jan. 10 in the Three Oaks cafeteria at 7 p.m. This session will provide an overview of mental health and mental disorders in young people and address the common language needed to help us develop the mental health literacy that we need to effectively deal with mental health promotion, prevention and care. Bring along any questions you may have about mental health and mental disorders in young people, as Dr. Kutcher will finish the speaking engagement with a Question and Answer session.

Dr. Stan Kutcher is an internationally-renowned expert in adolescent mental health and an international leader in mental health research, advocacy, training, policy and services innovation working at the IWK Health Centre and Dalhousie University. Dr. Kutcher was Dalhousie’s Medical School’s first associate dean of International Medical Development and Research.

Authoring more than 300 scientific papers and numerous medical textbooks, Dr. Kutcher continues to break new ground in the vital area of mental health. He has received numerous awards and honours locally, nationally and internationally for his work including being honoured by the Canadian Psychiatric Association with the JM Cleghorn Award for his contribution to mental health research and the Paul Patterson Award for his innovations in psychiatric education.


TOSH hosts the annual Sweetheart tournament Feb. 2 to 4. The tournament hosts eight AAA women's basketball teams from the Atlantic provinces. 


Parents and students looking for scholarship and bursary information should check out the TOSH website. There is information available on the main page and also under the Student Services Department.



1.   2017 Extra Mile Awards

Nominate a school staff person (i.e. teacher, education / admin assistant, custodian) for the P.E.I. Home and School Federation’s Extra Mile Award. Submission deadline is Jan. 13. More details are online at:


2.  Affecting Change in P.E.I.’s Education System

Resolutions submission deadline is Jan. 31 for issues to be considered at the 2017 annual meeting and convention on April 8. Assistance with writing resolutions is available online at or from the federation office at or (902) 620-3186 / 1-800-916-0664.


3. Parent Leadership Grants

The Parent Leadership Grant Program final deadline for this school year is: Jan. 27 The application is online at:


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