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LDAPEI seeking nominations for Educator of the year

The Educator of the Year Award honours an educator who has made a significant impact upon the education of children with learning disabilities on P.E.I.

The winner for this award will be an educator who has shown exceptional dedication and support to the individual needs of students with learning disabilities on P.E.I. and whose endeavours have had a positive impact on students’ education and personal growth.

Selections are based on dedication to supporting the success of students with learning disabilities, and for establishing an effective and enriched learning environment for students with learning disabilities. Honourees are also chosen for the promotion of adaptive technology and educational accommodations to enhance the success of these students.

The award includes $1,000 worth of in store products from Staples Charlottetown.

The selection committee will consist of members of the Learning Disabilities Association of P.E.I. community.

The nominator is asked to complete a letter of recommendation explaining why they feel this candidate is a good choice for the LDAPEI Educator of the Year. It is also recommended that they obtain supporting letters from parents, fellow educators, administrators and students. The statement should be supported with clear examples of how the nominee has shown exceptional dedication and support to quality education of children with learning disabilities.

Nominations will be judged on the content of the letters of recommendation and supporting documents. Submissions must be received no later than Feb. 3. Completed forms can be emailed to However, a printed copy is required to accompany the full submission. Original copies of letters can be mailed to the LDAPEI office. For more information call 902-894-5032 or visit 

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