Couple touches back down in P.E.I. after months of globe-trotting

Published on August 11, 2017

Trevor Davis and Christine Healey stand outside the Nijojo Castle in Kyoto during their visit to Japan. The couple, who quit their high-pressure finance jobs to enjoy life, has just returned from an 18-month world trip.

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Trevor Davis and Christine Healey have travelled the world for the past 18 months.

Carrying only the bare necessities in their backpacks, the couple has trekked over 100,000 km and visited 28 countries.

They returned to Canada about six weeks ago. Since then, they have been making their way across the country, connecting with family and friends. The couple touched down in Charlottetown on Monday to reflect on their adventures.

“If I picked one place I could see living it would be Slovenia. It has a mix of cosmopolitan cities, beautiful countryside, mountains and coastal fishing villages,” says Davis, who calls P.E.I. home.

For Healey, the best adventure was stepping out of her comfort zone.

“One of my takeaways is how much you learn. You’re learning about new cultures as well as the history of the language that you’re visiting. Travelling also helps you grow as a person, become more independent and more adaptable,” says Healy, who is from Ontario.

Their latest adventure involved touring Australia, Cambodia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

“It was awesome and completely different than travelling in Europe. In Europe we stayed in short-term rental apartments or bed and breakfasts so we could self-cater. In Asia, it was harder to do because the grocery shopping is very different,” says Davis.

Because takeaway was inexpensive and so abundant, they bought fried noodles and other food items from the street vendors.

“We were eating in alleyways and sitting on the sidewalk on these little plastic stools. We didn’t have any restaurant experiences. We did what the locals did,” says Healey.

Now, back in Canada, they are reflecting on the next step of the journey.

“We both loved travelling . . . But it concurred in both our minds that we wanted to settle in Canada….So we kind of want to settle down a little bit and find our feet again,” says Davis.

But where?

“We both like British Columbia. We like the interior of B.C. especially. So, we’ve booked a short-term apartment for four weeks (in September) to see whether we like living there.”

“But I still like the East Coast lifestyle, and my parents would love it if I came back to P.E.I. or the Maritimes. Christine’s parents would love it if we stayed in Ontario. We can go anywhere.”


Getting in touch

- Who: Trevor Davis and Christine Healey left their finance jobs in 2016, sold their house and most of their belongings and left Canada to travel the world.


The two, who spent a decade working in high-pressure finance jobs before taking off on a world tour, are not returning to their previous careers.

“We need to find a path that we are more passionate about; one that provides us with a bit more independence. So finding a better balance is a priority when determining our new path,” says Davis, who is leaning towards a career in wine or tourism.

He’s positive about the future.

“If things don’t work out for us, it will be springtime in South America before too long. Maybe we’ll move there.”