Kelly’s Flower Shoppe switching locations after 58 years

Published on March 17, 2017

Elise Arsenault, who has worked for the business for seven years, puts together a flower arrangement in the backroom of Kelly’s Flower Shoppe currently located at 297 Water Street. The store will move to 505 Granville Street and is set to open April 3.


For 58 years, Kelly’s Flower Shoppe has been calling 297 Water Street home. But that’s about to change.

“There’s a lot of memories in this place,” said Cindy Robichaud, the owner and manager of the store.

Robichaud bought the business four years ago.

“We’re doing well and our business is continuing to grow. But in order to keep moving forward, we feel that we need to move on from our current location to somewhere new.

“It wasn’t and easy decision or something we chose lightly. We thought a lot about it and decided it was best for the business.”

What was best for the business was the deciding factor she added.

Owen and Mary Kelly started Kelly’s Flower Shoppe in 1959 since then it’s had numerous owners, but the name always stuck.

“When people think of flowers, they think of Kelly’s and that’s not going to change. The only thing that’s changing is location,” said Robichaud.

“One customer said to me, with our calibre of design and product we needed an environment to match. It’s like spring, a new growth and new beginnings.”

Robichaud operates the business with three other employees, Elise Arsenault, Donnie MacArthur and Nancy Jeffrey.

“I remember my first day. It was March 13, 2013,the Monday after Mother’s Day. We had barely any stock and it was crazy busy. That first year was a whirlwind.”

“I love when a person comes in and says, I need a special bouquet because I’m going to ask someone to marry me. It’s incredible. It’s cool to be a part of that, we get excited for them.”

Donnie MacArthur, left, Cindy Robichaud and Elise Arsenault stand outside the storefront of Kelly’s Flower Shoppe in Summerside at 297 Water Street. The store will move to 505 Granville Street and is set to open April 3.

Arsenault, added, “I like those full circle moments.”

Like what happened on Valentine’s Day.

A customer came in after looking for a bouquet for their significant other, Arsenault recalled.

“I can’t believe it’s still here,” said a young man after walking through the shop’s doors.

“My mom used to bring me here when I was a little boy. I remember walking around and looking at everything.”

Arsenault was surprised when she met him.

“It’s neat. The moments where they were a kid and hung around their parents while they shopped and are returning with their own kids or families.”

In MacArthur’s 40 years of service with Kelly’s he remembers one time the owners had live rabbits in the store for their Easter display in the front window.

“Donnie always likes to tell us that one. Especially the parts where the rabbits got out from the behind the gate and the staff came in the next morning to rabbit droppings all over the place,” said Robichaud.

“We keep teasing him that his car won’t know how to get to the new location since he’s always been coming here.”

But while they’re still located in Downtown Summerside, customers are invited to stop in and say their goodbyes to the store before they move to 505 Granville Street (beside Domino’s). The new location will be open April 3, with a grand opening celebration set for April 26.

As for the building, Consolidated Credit Union has “agreed to purchase [the building] and use for future development,” said Robichaud.