New Summerside resident starting Christian business group

Colin MacLean
Published on August 21, 2014

Damion Steen recently relocated to Prince Edward Island from Ontario with his wife and three young children. He’s looking to help found a branch of the Canadian Christian Business Federation here in Summerside. Colin MacLean/Journal Pioneer

SUMMERSIDE – When Damion Steen and his family left their house in Ontario’s Niagara region for a new home in P.E.I. they did so for the express purpose of creating community.

As Christians, they believe their faith would lead them to where they needed to go, and they ended up in Summerside in June.

Now that they’re here, they’re setting about creating that community ideal of their dreams and Steen is starting by reaching out to the local business community.

He’s looking to found P.E.I.’s first chapter of the Canadian Christian Business Federation (CCBF).

An information technology specialist by trade, Steen was a member of his hometown CCBF chapter for about a year and a half and it’s something he’s looking to replicate here.

“When you build a community and everybody is there to support one another good things come out of it, and that’s really what this is, a community for business people,” he said.

“I joined as a professional … and the group willingly and lovingly invited me to participate and it was really beneficial. The things that we talk about not only apply to just running a business or to business minded individuals, but to everyday life.”

First formed in 1984 in Southern Ontario, CCBF groups usually meet for breakfast and a discussion once a month. Topics of discussion revolve around the business world but with vein of faith running through them.

The whole idea is about answering one question, “how can we live the way God wants us to live in our business,” said Steen.

To help drum up some interest in the idea, the Steens have arranged for a meet and greet next month to introduce the idea to the Summerside business community.

Anyone who’s interested can stop by Jars of Clay Café, 314 First Street, on Sept. 25, 7 p.m. for a coffee and chat.

Anyone who would like to contact Steen can do so via email at

More information is also available online at