Summerside Walmart will add full grocery section in 2015

Published on June 13, 2014

SUMMERSIDE - The Summerside Walmart store will soon be taking on a new look. Plans are in the works for a remodeling of the store into a "super centre" with a complete grocery section.

To do that, certain existing departments may see changes.

There are no plans to physically expand the store as the changes will be carried out within the existing space.

"We are looking at the departments in the store and we are moving them around and some of them will shrink in size a bit to accommodate bringing in the full grocery section," a Walmart spokesperson said. "You'll be able to get your fruit, vegetables, dairy and pre-cut meat. There will be some pre-cut deli as well."

Walmart does offer a limited selection in its grocery component but officials have decided to focus on providing a full grocery section.

There has been rumours circulating about the automotive section of the store being phased out, but the spokesperson could not confirm if that was in the plans.

"I haven't been able to get confirmation on that yet," she said. "I'm waiting for one of the real estate team members to get back to me."

Plans call for the changes to be completed by the winter of 2015.