Mobile sales licensing bylaw under review

Mike Carson
Published on June 11, 2014
Summerside Councillor Cory Thomas will introduce a resolution to reduce red tape for mobile sales establishments. Thomas said he wants to make it easier for businesses to work within the city. 
Mike Carson/Journal Pioneer

SUMMERSIDE - Operators of mobile sales establishments, that have a proven track record may soon find it easier to obtain a licence from the City of Summerside to do business.


Councillor Cory Thomas, chairman of the city’s technical services committee, raised the issue several weeks ago in an attempt to reduce red tape and bring new business operations into the city. The issue was brought to the floor of the technical services committee Tuesday night.

“It’s the committee’s sense that they want technical services staff to investigate making it a little easier for someone like that who proved last year that they did a good job and perhaps this could be approved at the staff level instead of having to come to council every year.”

Councillor Peter Holman recommended that a licence renewal only need to come before city council every three years but he did place a proviso on the motion.

“However, I would not want it to end up being abused in any way,” Holman said. “I think it’s important that if we adopt a change, we make sure that it’s for businesses that we’re confortable with and know are going to continue to do a good job. I wouldn’t want to see this happen to just anybody who comes along and says I want to put a business here, there or wherever.”

Thomas said he wasn’t specifically looking for a recommendation to council from the committee but rather to direct technical services staff to draft a new licensing policy setting out specifics that the committee could consider.

“Why do we need to investigate it?” Holman asked. “Why can’t we just amend it for a three-year term?”

One of the issues that needs to be clarified would be the length of time a business would have before having to go back to council for approval.

There was some discussion on the question of: once the initial licence is approved and the business meets all of the requirements should a subsequent approval by council be necessary?

The flip side to that is once approved by council, and the operation is acceptable, technical services staff could renew the licence on an annual basis.

The committee directed staff to look into the issue and report back in August.