Former Dynasty Spa property takes on new life

Construction resumes in May

Mike Carson
Published on February 6, 2014
Circular restaurant begins to take shape in front of the Prince Alex Resort and Convention Centre under construction at the former Dynasty Spa site. Work on the project will resume in May after stakeholders return from a trip to China to meet with owner Sean Liu. 
Paul H. Schurman photo

SUMMERSIDE – The former Dynasty Spa site is taking on a new life as work continues on the new resort/convention centre and restaurant.

Sean Liu, a Chinese businessman living in Toronto, purchased the 50 acres of land located at 298 MacKenzie Drive and future site of the Prince Alex Resort and Convention Centre in 2005 and has been working to develop the area.

Work has ceased at the site until May while stakeholders in the project travel to China to meet with Liu.

Nicolle Morrison, co-broker/owner of Century 21 Northumberland Realty, will be one of those heading to China in April. The trip is being made to discuss the construction of the resort.

“It’s just on a minor hold until May,” Morrison said. “There’s a trip planned for China on April 10 and all of the people involved are going. There are products there that he (Liu) wants used. He’s trying to explain to them what he wants and they don’t understand. So, he’s going to physically show them. Then it’s going to start up and be back up and running by May 1 when we get back. It’s just on a temporary hold until then.”

Morrison said people viewing the construction site from the boardwalk see the beginnings of a restaurant/convenience store in front of the resort building.

“The round cement part is a restaurant which is on the second level,” she said. “On the first level is going to be a convenience store and (an area) for tours that will be happening because of people coming there and going on daily tours. It will be where they meet.

The two foundations to each side of the (resort) building that were put in, one is for an expanded restaurant and the other one is the convention centre side.”

Morrison said the resort will have 71 rooms.

“It was 96 rooms before" but Liu has doubled up some of the rooms tro create suites.

Morrison said the work would be going on now if the trip to China could have been arranged sooner.

“If we could have gone to China before, work would be going right now but we couldn’t get everybody on track for the same time until April,” she said.

Morrison said Liu has purchased another 28 acres and now owns 110 acres at the site. “It will get developed and it will be an amazing spot,” she said.