Princess Auto has no plans for Summerside location, yet

Colin MacLean
Published on January 30, 2014

SUMMERSIDE – Condolences to all the Princess Auto fans out there, but a representative of the national automotive parts retailer denied on Thursday that there were plans in the works for a Summerside location.

Rumour had it that the popular chain would be moving into some of the space in the newly renovated section of the County Fair Mall.

However, a spokeswoman for the company, who did not want to be named, said there is no current plan to move into Summerside.

 But she did leave the door open.

“Not yet. But maybe in the future,” she said.

When pressed on whether Summerside was being considered for a location sometime in the near future, she said, “I know for sure not 2014/2015. At least not on the books right now.”