Drama quickly taken out of Super Bowl

John Turner
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Well, it wasn’t the drama and excitement we were all expecting when we turned on the television Sunday night to watch Seattle kicker Steven Hauschka kickoff to start Super Bowl XLVIII.

However, this Super Bowl definitely wasn’t disappointing for Seattle Seahawks’ fans!

The past five or six Super Bowls have been great games, so we were due for a blowout, but no one expected a 35-point win like this that featured the top-ranked offence of the Broncos, and the top-ranked defence of the Seahawks. Here are some of The Freak’s tidbits and observations from the game:

- Most people were yelling, “What happened?” as most were not even seated on their couches when the ball sailed over the head of Peyton Manning to start the game. There are no excuses for a team to start a game like that as that particular play would have been decided upon days before the game. Bad start and it was all down hill from there for Denver.

- Hard to believe that in two out of the last three Super Bowls the opening score of the games were safeties. Not sure what the odds were in Vegas for the “first play of the game on offence being a safety,” but you can be assured someone had a bet placed on it.

- Another coincidence that’s hard to fathom, Seattle opened the scoring at 14:48 of the first half and 14:48 of the second half.

- For the football purest (brings back memories), it was really nice to see what a dominating defence looks like with this being the “age of offence and scoring.” Not to be cliché, but “defence won the championship” on this day.

- This defensive performance by Seattle might be the most dominant in any Super Bowl game The Freak has ever watched. The Seahawks did not miss a tackle, and they swarmed to the ball with five to six players all game long. Speed kills.

- Safety Kam Chancellor set the tone on Denver’s second play of their second possession when he laid out receiver Demaryius Thomas coming across the middle. After that big hit, you didn’t see many executed crossing routes in that part of the field.

- Just like how the ’07 Giants won the Super Bowl when they shut down the best offence in history at the time (Patriots), the Seahawks got quarterback pressure with the four down linemen and drop seven into coverage. The Giants didn’t have the secondary like the ‘Hawks have, but they pressured and hit Brady all day.

- How about motivation? The Seahawks’ roster is full of late-round draft picks and unsigned college free agents, who had something to prove to the football world as many of them were bypassed by other NFL teams. They played with a chip on their shoulder, and it looked like that defence didn’t eat in a month and went on a feeding frenzy at the expense of Denver’s offence.

- Didn’t it seem like it was men playing against boys?

- The Freak thinks Coach Fox panicked late in the first half by not kicking the field goal instead of going for it on 4th-and-2. He needed some sort of momentum for his team going into the half, and three points would have been a positive outcome.

- How about the fashionable Joe Namath who did the coin toss? He must have been having a few drinks to throw the coin that early before Seattle declared their intentions?

- Usually The Freak doesn’t enjoy the halftime show, but have to say Bruno Mars was quite impressive, especially with his footwork, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers rocked Met Life.

- Scary to think Seattle will really lose no one significant to free agency this off-season. With a healthy Percy Harvin, Russell Wilson will only get better to go along with that great defence.

- Harvin looked like the player Seattle thought he would be when they gave up a first-round pick for him.

- Everyone is wondering what Manning’s legacy will be? A five-time MVP, a great regular-season quarterback who has been to three Super Bowls and one Super Bowl ring. In The Freak’s mind one of the top five all-time greats. Who wouldn’t want that on his resumé?

- Think of this – the Manning brothers have participated in over 10 per cent of the Super Bowls that have been played in the history of football. Now, you want to hear one more insane stat than that? How about Eli and Peyton have played in five out of the last eight Super Bowl games.

- The Freak doesn’t know what was more shocking – Denver only scoring eight points or Seattle putting up a 43 spot?

- It wasn’t a good season for the Mannings at Met Life.

-The weather was perfect, but will this be the last cold-weather Super Bowl site? Weather shouldn’t be the top story for two weeks going into the game.

- Denver only plays Seattle every four years, and fans are lucky that the Broncos travel to Seattle next season. Wonder if the NFL will make this the opening game of the 2014 season? One thing for sure, they will get big ratings for this matchup.

- Former Summerside resident Brian Francouer had tickets to the Super Bowl game, and bumped into some former Giants – Rodney Hampton, OJ Anderson and former OC Kevin Gilbride.

- Interesting no one interviewed Richard Sherman right after the game!

- Pete Carroll became only the third coach to win both a Super Bowl and a national championship in college. Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer are the other two.

- Good to see rookie Canadian tight end Luke Wilson catch two balls in the biggest game of his life. However, Canadian right tackle Orlando Franklin had a real tough time with the Seattle’s speed rushers, and the Seahawks’ Jon Ryan only had to punt once.

Finally, this is The Freak’s final edition of the season and, like all football fans, will go through some sort of football withdrawal. However, we can start looking forward to free agency, along with the NFL draft, which will help fill the football void. 

It has been a great season of football both on the local scene and in the NFL, and it has been a lot of fun writing and talking football for the last seven months. Thanks to all the loyal readers out there, enjoy the rest of the winter and we will see you all back in late August. Cheers!

Last week: 1-for-1.

Playoffs: 7-for-11.


John Turner is a Summerside schoolteacher. His column appears every Saturday during the NFL season. Feel free to e-mail questions and comments to ssidespartansfootball@yahoo.ca.

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