Records tumble at Mill River Sprint Triathlon

Eric McCarthy
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Published on June 07, 2014

Sprint triathlon medalists

Medal winners pose following the completion of the fifth annual Mill River Sprint Triathlon on Saturday. Front row from left are women’s first, second and third place-finishers, Ellen Sherren, Patty Dexter and Rene Michaels. Back row, Steve Reeves, Arnie Johnston and Paul Dalton, first, second and third place men’s finishers.

Published on June 07, 2014

Running for the record Steve Reeves, still in his swim gear, sets out on the final leg of the Mill River Sprint Triathlon Saturday. Reeves had best times in all three disciplines and set a new course record in the process.

Published on June 07, 2014

Comparing times

Pat Ellis, left, Mill River Sprint Triathlon participant, compares race times with women’s champion Ellen Sherren. Sherren won all three disciplines and set a new women’s course record.

Published on June 07, 2014

No biking until the start line

Dolphe Mazerolle walks his bike to the start line before setting out on the second leg of the Mill River Sprint Triathlon.

Published on June 07, 2014

Second place women’s finisher

Patty Dexter crosses the finish line in the Mill River Sprint Triathlon Saturday with the second fastest overall women’s time.

Published on June 07, 2014

Off and running

Rene Michaels adjusts her cap as she heads out on the final leg Saturday of the Mill River Sprint Triathlon. She finished third overall in the women’s race. 

MILL RIVER -- After just her first appearance in the Mill River Sprint Triathlon, Ellen Sherren is the new women’s record-holder.

The 40 year-old Charlottetown resident eclipsed Cheryl Tanton’s old record from 2011 by 52 seconds with a winning time of one hour, 26 minutes and 48 seconds (1:26:48) for the 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bicycle race and five kilometer run. She had the fastest women’s times in all three distances, even after mistakenly swimming two extra lengths of the Mill River Aquaplex’s 20-meter pool

Steve Reeves from Freetown, a three-time winner of the fifth annual sprint triathlon, is now the men’s record-holder, beating Dave Clark’s record by 36 seconds. His total time was 1:11:28. Like Sherren he was his gender’s winner of all three disciplines.

Having raced in between 20 and 25 triathlon events since 2006, the Mill River event is Sherren’s first win. She’s currently in training for a half-ironman in St. Andrews, NB and suggested the sprint triathlon is more challenging. “The sprint is harder because you push harder in the event; because they’re short and fast. You have to hold a high intensity pace whereas in the longer-distance races you pace better and in a more comfortable zone,” she observed. She said the sprint is good training for her longer distance event coming up.

The sprint triathlon had openings for 25 participants and went ahead with 13 men and 10 women. A light rain ended shortly after the first wave of participants left the aquaplex pool and hopped on their bikes. The temperature was a cool 11 and the wind guested to 60 kilometers but participants said the elements were not much of a factor. The crosswind, Reeves said, was more of a safety concern than a speed impediment.

Patty Dexter finished second to Sherren in the bike and swim portions of the race and third in the run, and was second overall with a time of 1:32:29. Rene Michaels was third overall and was the third fastest in the swim and bike and fourth in the run. Wendy Harris had the second fastest women’s run.

Arnie Johnstone was the second fastest overall with a combined time of 1:19:31, placing second in the bike, fifth overall in the swim and fourth overall in the run. Third place overall went to event organizer Paul Dalton 1:26:48. He had second best run time, was fourth on the bike and eleventh in the swim.

Mark Cericano and Nathan Archibald was second and third overall in the swim and CJ Studer was the third men’s finisher in the run.

Women’s overall times (including transition time)

  1. Ellen Sherren, 1:26:48; 2. Patty Dexter, 1:32:29; 3. Rene Michaels, 1:34:03; 4. Jan Skeffington, 1:38:00; 5 Pat Ellis, 1:40:09; 6. Janice Stewart, 1:42:18; 7. Wendy Harris, 1:44:54; 8. Andrea Boyle, 1:51:24; 9. Laura Lee Howard, 1:54:21; 10. Jaye Gallant, 2:46:32.

Top five women’s swim times

  1. Ellen Sherren, 14:47; 2. Patty Dexter, 16:39; 3. Rene Michaels, 16:43; 4. Jan Skeffington, 17:31, 5. Andrea Boyle, 18:29.

Top five women’s bike times

  1. Ellen Sherren, 41:53; 2. Patty Dexter, 44:11; 3. Rene Michaels, 46:50; 4. Pat Ellis, 47:29; 5. Andrea Boyle, 48:26.

Top five women’s run times

  1. Ellen Sherren, 25:38; 2. Wendy Harris, 25:45; 3. Patty Dexter, 26:37; 4. Jan Skeffington 26:58; 4. Rene Michaels, 26:58.


Men’s overall  times (including transition time)

  1. Steve  Reeves 1:11:28; 2. Arnie Johnston, 1:19:31; 3 Paul Dalton, 1:26:18; 4. Darren Bulger, 1:30:18; 5. CJ Studer, 1:31:58; 6. Jordan Gaudet, 1:40:51; 7. Nathan Archibald, 1:42:27; 8. Rory Chaisson, 1:44:38; 9. Dave Brown, 1:49:56; 10. Ricky Dalton, 1:56:55; 11. Dolphe Mazerolle, 1:57:00; 12. Graeme Young, 1:57:06; 13. Mark Cericano, 2:06:27.

Top five men’s swim times

  1. Steve Reeves, 13:06; 2. Mark Cericano, 13:58; 3. Nathan Archibald, 14:02; 4. Arnie Johnston, 14:55; 5. CJ Studer, 15:13.

Top five men’s bike times

  1. Steve Reeves, 36:58; 2. Arnie Johnston, 37:54; 3. Paul Dalton, 43:17; 4. Darren Bulger, 45:15; 5. Jordan Gaudet, 48:07.

Top five men’s run times

  1. Steve Reeves, 18:49; 2. Paul Dalton, 21:47; 3. CJ Studer, 22:16; 4. Arnie Johnston, 23:59; 5. Darren Bulger, 25:35.



Geographic location: Mill River, Charlottetown, Freetown

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