Valuable lessons to be learned from trade that wasn’t

Bob Gray
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If this were about trading hockey cards, there would already be fisticuffs, some blood, a few tears and a lot of running to one's mother.

But it's (ostensibly) grown-up people running a high-profile business, and it's about real live basketball players.

So there's just whining. Lots of it. And a big lesson learned, one would hope.

Here's the story. Or at least one side of it. Our local heroes, the Summerside Storm, thought they had a trade all agreed to on Sunday, when they went to Halifax to play the Rainmen.

They were going to pick up a player from Halifax in exchange for a draft choice. The Storm would have to release one of their players to make room, so they told centre  Ayodokun Akingbade thanks, but his services were no longer required, and he did not accompany the team to Halifax.

This is where the story gets murky to say the least. For some reason, the Storm agreed that the player for whom they had traded could still play for Halifax against them on Sunday, and then the trade would be consummated right after the game.

The player in question would then come back to Summerside on the team bus with the Storm, where he would presumably live happily ever after.


Who thought of this crazy plan?

Was the Storm trying to save bus fare or something?

Did the Rainmen have to tell the player that he should bring his suitcase to the gym, "just in case?"

In any event, the Rainmen reneged on the deal, and the player stayed with them. The upshot was that the Storm got rid of a player they didn't have to. The howling could be heard all over the Internet Sunday night.

Summerside has never mentioned which player they were trading for, leading one to think that maybe it's Voldemort, of Harry Potter fame – 'He Who Must Not Be Named.'

But what in the world happened?

Maybe the Rainmen chickened out because they couldn't figure out a plausible way to tell the player to bring his toothbrush along to the game.

Maybe he played so well in the game that Halifax had second – and third and fourth – thoughts about trading him, and said the heck with it.

Maybe, as the Rainmen claimed, they had another player coming in who at the last minute pulled out, so they needed to keep their player: too bad, Summerside.

Certainly, the Storm must have learned some lessons: (1) don't trust verbal agreements in this league, (2) don't agree to weird plans (3) a player in hand is worth way more than one in Halifax.

And the open Summerside roster spot?

The league website states that the Storm has acquired Omari Johnson, who is really, really good, to use one of my technical basketball terms. The Storm isn't saying a word about it, though, until he shows up in the flesh. That's another lesson learned.

And the last thing that was learned in Halifax is that the Storm's Antonio Ballard might be way better than anyone thought. We knew he was good, and that he worked hard, but the 35 points and 15 rebounds he had on Sunday opened more than a few eyes very wide.


Bob Gray is a freelance journalist with a long history of P.E.I. basketball reporting. He welcomes comments at, and can be followed on Twitter @bgray5.



Geographic location: Halifax, Summerside

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  • Adam Connolly
    November 29, 2012 - 08:31

    I wish we could get an update from the Storm re: Omari Johnson.. he would be a nice addition for sure. Picking up Ralphy Holmes is great as well but still leaves then short a solid big man. Of course if they do sign Johnson it will require then to drop someone else to make room on the roster.