Who can beat the Packers?

John Turner
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Before we get to the NFL, the Freak would first like to congratulate the Summerside Waterwise Spartans who won Summerside’s first P.E.I. tackle title in over 25 years. The team started off the season 0-2, but the commitment level to become better from week to week was the reason this team won the championship. We weren’t the most talented team in the league, but hard work paid off and got us the championship. They played their hearts out versus Charlottetown and will have these memories for life.

To all the coaches: Paulie, Brian, Peter, and Poochie, who dedicated so much time, it was greatly appreciated by the Freak and our players; what a great coaching staff we had this season. Without support from the parents and our families this accomplishment would not have been possible. Thanks Carm, Finn, Charlie, Owen, and Eli in making this a great season.

Now, back to the NFL and who can beat the Packers? Watching a number of their games this season, their offense reminds the Freak of 2007 Patriots offense in that they can score at will and QB Aaron Rodgers, like Tom Brady, makes it look so easy. However, it is evident the Packers defense is not that great and you can score on them which makes them vulnerable to a good offense, but it will take a special type of defense to slow Green Bay.

Ultimately, coach McCarthy wants the ball in Rodgers’ hands and are a pass-first, run-second type of team, so if a team can rush the quarterback with their front four and drop seven into coverage, that team might have a chance to slow down Rodgers and the Pack. Only a couple of teams in the NFL have that type of personnel so stay tuned to see if it will happen soon.

Pet Peeve of the Week:

Tired of seeing these Steelers players like Ryan Clark and James Harrison continuing to lead with the head and spearing players. Somebody is going to get seriously hurt, if the NFL keeps allowing this to happen.

Stat of the Week:

Pats Tom Brady had not lost at home in 20 games until Eli and the Giants beat them 24-20. This was a revenge game as this was the first meeting since the Gmen beat them in the Super Bowl. Big Blue stopped the Pats dream season then, and now this home winning streak, what’s next? One has to wonder if fans had nightmares of seeing number 10 and number 85 (not Tyree but now Ballard) making big plays again? The Freak remembers many of them saying any team can get lucky once, especially Eli. Well he wasn’t lucky on Sunday, he was elite, and as buddy Justin Tuck said, you can’t spell “Elite” without the letters “E-l-i”!

Coach Parcells Quote of the Week:

"If it weren’t for games like this, I wouldn’t be here."


Don’t know who can stop the Pack, but one thing’s for sure, it won’t be the Vikings in Lambeau. Take Green Bay in a Monday night blowout.

This is supposed to be the homecoming game for Cards QB Kevin Kolb when they visit the Eagles. Philly needs to win seven of their last eight to have any chance for the playoffs, Kolb is out due to injury, the Cards are rotten anyway, so the green birds win the first of those seven games.

Baltimore has lost two games on the road this year to bad teams (Titans and Jags), they head west to play the weak Seahawks. Can’t see them losing three straight games on the road against poor teams, which Seattle is. The Ravens fly back home with a win.


Who would have thought a mid-November Steelers-Bengals game would be a big game? Cincy rookie QB Andy Dalton has played great, but really hasn’t faced a “Blitzburg” type of team. You can guarantee the Steelers will force a critical turnover at some point in the game, which will lead to a Pitt win.

Is it possible for the Pats to lose three straight with a healthy Tom Brady? What will the city of Boston do if they lose back-to-back weeks to a New York team? Don’t think they will be singing Sinatra’s “New York, New York”? The Jets defense is better than the Giants, but Mark Sanchez is not Eli Manning which will ultimately be the difference in this game. Take the Pats in a close game and surprisingly there is no Rex Ryan guarantee!

In a huge NFC South game, the Saints travel to Atlanta with the winner gaining the inside track at the division title. Both teams have been inconsistent this season, however, you will see why Atlanta gave up the house to draft WR Julio Jones for an important game like this. Falcons beat the Saints.



The Upset Special

The Freak correctly picked the Dolphins upset win over KC and this week the Colts will get their first win of the season. Don’t mistake Jacksonville for the Packers as they are an average team at best, who are on the road against a winless team that is desperate. The Indy D will sell out on the run to shut down MJD and make rookie Blaine Gabbert beat them. There will finally be a Reggie Wayne sighting in the upset win.


Last week: 3 for 7 (42.8 %)

Season: 45 for 64 (70.3 %)

Organizations: NFL, Steelers, Giants Big Blue Ballard Vikings Dolphins

Geographic location: Summerside, Green Bay, Charlottetown New York, New York Atlanta Lambeau Baltimore Seattle Boston Jacksonville

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