Police exempt from cellphone regulations

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I would like to respond to a recent letter to the editor regarding cellphones in cruisers. The general public may not understand the cellphone legislation and how it relates to emergency personnel.

Section 291.1 of the Highway Traffic Act states this legislation does not apply to the driver of an ambulance, fire department vehicle or police vehicle. 

The Summerside Police Services use cellphones on a daily basis to communicate with dispatch, victims, and complainants. Unfortunately, our radio communication system is not secure and the cellular digital phone system provides us a better line of confidential communication.

It also provides a better service to the community as phone calls for members can be directed to the patrol car through our communication center.

Although, we are exempt from the legislation, we encourage our members to pull over when using a cellphone. I must agree with Mr. Sonier that it is important for everyone to promote safe driving.

It is also important to note the police officer Mr. Sonier saw using his cellphone on the date in question was not breaking any laws under the existing legislation.

Deputy Chief Sinclair Walker

Summerside Police Services 

Organizations: Chief Sinclair WalkerSummerside Police Services

Geographic location: Summerside

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Recent comments

  • Summerside
    August 12, 2011 - 13:55

    I would like to know how come there are all these people on the roads using cell phones texting and never get caught. I have been behind people alot on the highway or intersections and I have to beep my horn so they will move from the intersection. Then when you are driving behind someone on the road and you notice they are looking down and up and crossing over because they are texting away. I live in Slemonpark and everyday I could sit at my door and watch people go by and they are texting and going through the intersections. These are kids and adults driving. I work all day and I do fear for my family when they are out and about there because a life can be cut short in a split second. Just wish people would understand that they should not be doing this while operating a vehicle but they think that it wont happen to them. I have seen what can happen when texting and not paying attention and it is very sad this can pull families apart.

  • wayne
    August 04, 2011 - 19:25

    ok i can aggree with sinclair ?????? but why is it that you can follow a veichle anywhere and be on the cell phone reporting that person for whatever he oe she might be or not be doing anything wrong..but yet they are exemp from cell phone regulations to ?? they are no experts in saying if a car in front of them are awhhh drunk etc ..this is the way i see it if you report someone lets say you think they are awhh drunk..and when the police catches up with that person and he/she isn't drunk..don't you think that the person on the other end shoul;d be charged for talking on the cell??