A sticky mess on city roads

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Today the repair crew in this end of town sprayed the potholes, and the area around them, with fresh sticky tar, and left them that way.

There was no ashphalt added to fill the holes, just sticky tar.

Tower Street is like that as I type this up, I just went around as many of them as I could, to get home.

It cost me $40 already today for tar removel from my car.

The intersections are black from other cars driving through it as well.

No signs were put up warning motorists to avoid the tar.

A huge pothole sits at the corner of Brophy and Tower, coated in tar, nothing else.

Can the repair crews not do better than this? I for one cannot afford the expense of this car cleaning nor should I have to.

Come on city employees, we deserve better than this.

Leon Murphy


Geographic location: Brophy

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Recent comments

  • yabba
    June 29, 2011 - 13:08

    understaffed??? while one tars the holes, 2-3 others watch in amazement. take a drive through any construction zone or where road work is being done adn count how many just stand around looking and looking dumb adn getting paid $$ to do so.

  • Don Gunning
    June 27, 2011 - 00:21

    Leon..do not blame the CITY Employees [public works dept] as they are the most understaffed work crew on PEI....I agree with the tar statement but if there is anyone to blame here it is the top heavy upper management.. They [brass] likely got them doing 5 or 6 jobs at once , which means about 2 workers to each job IF no one is on vacation..