Many issues to consider on Mother’s Day

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Many wishes will be coming our way, deserving or not, but always appreciated.

I love quoting wise people from their past letters. To me, to follow wise leaders and ignore the stupid ones has to make a lot of sense. Thanks Gerald Hardy for always upholding traditional family values.

God bless all you women, especially mothers, and help you to hang on to traditional ideals. You’ll be helping to save our hurting nation from the evil one.

Don’t be afraid to let your spouse know you as a spiritual being, hungering for God in your home and in your family.

What an important role mothers have to play in their families, especially as a good example to their daughters. If mother hasn’t grown up herself, competing with youth in style and behaviour, we can expect no better from our dear young ladies.

I ask two questions. Is our society directing every girl, growing to womanhood, to a sterile, career-oriented life, stripping them all of the natural desire for a husband and a family? Is it a “gone” thing to teach girls to become good wives and good mothers?

Recently we were heartened to read S. Ryan Quigley’s coverage of mothers troubled by vulgar graffiti on the walls of Slemon Park school bus stop.

Can these dear ladies, Jessica Hogan-Gauthier and Elizabeth DesRoches, ever realize how much this means to our people, especially us elders, to see your generation standing up for morals in this “loose” age? The mention that your little one’s (five years old) innocence is being taken away from them is so true.

As scary as this local issue is, I truly hate to be the bearer of worse horrifying official reports – reports too obscene to talk about. But we have to try to enlighten parents of the evil aims coming through our United Nations. For years now, since that UN anti-life conference in Cairo in 1994, these people keep speedily progressing with their aims of globally contaminating the minds and hearts of every youth away from what is right and good.

This latest evil effort, under the UN’s “comprehensive sex education program,” recommends children, as young as five years old, be taught to masturbate and 14-year-olds be recruited to advocate abortion.

I thank God that U.S. people are finally uniting to put a stop to taxpayers’ money being doled out to Planned Parenthood to pay for the killing of little babies in the womb.

Let’s realize however that, since the early 1970s, women were led to believe that is OK and let us realize too how many dear women are hurting from past experiences. But we have a forgiving God and there’s no wrong doing He cannot handle, if we will only ask His forgiveness and believe and trust.

God bess all mothers, especially those carrying heavy burdens and those who have lost a loved one.

Mrs. Ray Brown


Organizations: United Nations, Slemon Park school

Geographic location: Cairo, U.S.

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