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To the Editor,

To follow up from Peter Brown's letter (Feb. 12 "There must be a better way") we should all agree with what was said. Then too Bruce Arsenault, Tignish (Feb. 6) ending his helpful letter, re: the killing of little babies in the mothers' wombs, Bruce challenges us all to be people of common sense and true compassion, and help every mother and child in need of help.

Today so much has been twisted around. Our United Nations, at conferences, use innocent sounding words to deceive young people. They are told that chastity isn't the answer, that a new human life isn't worth the sacrifice and suffering on the part of the mother, that unborn babies are inconveniences to dispose of and that Christ's teachings belong in the trash.

Society is mostly directing girls and women to become so independent. Thank the great feminist movement, from the early seventies (somewhat needed) for all of that. No end to it yet. The feminists wield so much power, especially at the UN backed up by big money people.

From Christian teaching, husbands and wives are taught five priorities: 1. God; 2. Spouse; 3.Family; 4. Community and 5. Work.

"There must be a better way." There's no better time than these 40 days of Lent to make changes - a time for prayer, fasting and caring for others ahead of ourselves. Studying how we use our time, talents and money will help. We try to say no to impatience, foul language, insults, criticisms, anger and harmful gossip. Say no to mind-damaging stuff, to using the marriage act outside of marriage, cheating and fraud and more.

Of course, everyone prays for our own dear ones but do we realize the many more who need our prayers: especially our United Nations, all church, government, municipal and education leaders, all media people, the depressed, neglected and abused and most of all the many breaking families all around us.

Come Easter, let us see a new respect for women, motherhood and marriage. Let us say yes to Bruce's telling us of Birthright. It's here in Summerside now at 271 Water St. Say yes to give to Birthright, to care for distressed pregnant mothers so they'll feel supported, worthwhile, encouraged and loved.

Mrs. Ray Brown


Organizations: United Nations

Geographic location: Summerside

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