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To the Editor,
What gruesome pictures were shown by the "Show the Truth" group, depicting what actually happens during an abortion, when a real baby, one of us humans, is torn apart limb by limb, and aspirated by the suction machine.

Would it have been easier for anyone offended by these graphic posters, if it had been a young child torn apart by a wild animal. I bet someone would have gone to its defense. Little ones living in the uterus, are supposed to be in the safest, most secure place in the world, under the mother's beating heart.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a leading ex-abortionist wanted to see what happened during an abortion so he recorded it in an ultrasound; what he seen horrified him, the child sensing harm at the approaching forceps or suction cannula tried to retreat to the furthest end of the womb, only to be sucked out as his hands and feet were flailing and mouth opening in a 'Silent Scream'.

Humans have descended lower than the beasts of the field. Woe to any government that enacts any law contrary to the natural law.

We have to return to traditional marriage, give it the respect that's it's owed, as that is what God intended: to have a commitment for life, raise children, not abortions.

Anne Gallant





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