Farmers need to look at the legacy they are leaving

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I can remember growing up on the farm; my father worked very hard when it came to cultivating crops. Often, the neighbors would come help out. We picked potatoes by hand and put them in bags to take to our root cellar or for sale at the warehouse. 

We had 13 cows, and he milked them and separated the milk from the cream. It was a great place to grow up as a child. We were not rich but we were never hungry.

At one point, the government approached my father to expand his farm. They offered him a large loan to build a milking parlor for his cows, buy more cows and plant more potatoes.

Now, my father never had much use for politicians, so he told them where to go. I guess I am a chip off the old block. Even with a Grade 6 education, my father had the sense that this was not a good way to run his farm.

Now our politicians and farmers on P.E.I. probably have more education than my father did, so why is it that my father had the good sense not to get in debt over his head to expand his farm the way the government wanted? Yet, our well-educated politicians and farmers cannot see the damage they are doing. It is all about money.

Politicians are supposedly the “leaders of our society” yet how can you lead a society when you just don’t listen to the people they represent?

So, since our politicians are not listening, I am appealing to the farmers. If you are a young man or woman who is inheriting your father’s potato farm, take a second look at what you are doing. Are you going to expose your sons and daughters to the harsh chemicals their whole lives? Are you going to continue the legacy of killing thousands of fish? Are your sons and daughters going to go fishing in the brook at the back of your fields to catch some trout?

Look beyond the money and the politics at the future of every child on P.E.I. What legacy are you going to leave behind?

Farmers are good people and most of them caught in a mess of corporations and government politics. Take charge of your farm and stop polluting for the sake of money.


Anne Gallant

Kensington, P.E.I.

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