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To the Editor,
Irving is threatening to leave our Island if the moratorium on deep-water wells is not lifted.

People with money are like that, they talk big and don't care about the outcome on the population in general. Where will Irving go? They're already in Jamestown, North Dakota, and in Wheatly, Ontario with potato processing plants, with business units in many different fields. Most likely, Irving has found every acre available, and P.E.I. has many acres of amenable soil responding to their chemical tactics.

Where will Irving go? P.E.I. has the prize land and they want to stay here, at the same time threatening us they will leave.

If the present farm and industry habits keep accelerating, picture P.E.I. in years to come: the smoke stacks have multiplied, there's smoke everywhere, the majority of houses are cluttered in cities and towns where there's no spraying of pesticides, there are no family farms left. The soil is getting grey with all the chemicals.

By the silence of the government concerning the issue of deep-water wells, it appears like they are perhaps siding with Irving and not with the electorate. Instead of being silent, it's time to tell the Irvings where to go.  

Indeed, the situation looks bleak if responsible individuals, mainly government, do not object to present activities in farming and industry. Where are the regulations that limit the use of chemical pesticides that run in our water and pollute our air? 

Yvon Arsenault



Geographic location: Jamestown, North Dakota, Wheatly, Ontario Irvings

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