Maybe the Senate is not as bad as Harper’s federal Conservatives

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I believe that the Senate is not quite as bad as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. I was also quite amazed that Senator Mike Duffy is being charged in the so-called Senate affair. 

I think it's too bad as I think he would have been a great senator for our province. When compared to Harper’s federal Conservatives, I think he looks quite a lot better in many ways.

While it appears that Senator Duffy took a cheque for $90,000, Prime Minister Stephen Harpers' Conservative government apparently gave $220 million of our own tax dollars to the Ukraine government, a government that is now at war killing people in the eastern part of Ukraine including many women and children. I think it's sinister and diabolical that this amount of tax dollars of ours is going to a country like this.

I guess the Harper Conservatives must seem to think it's okay to do this with our tax money and punish Russia with sanctions, yet at the same time it seems quite bizarre and sinister. I think these kinds of politicians should be held accountable on the way they spend our tax dollars in this manner. It's shameful. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that even the Liberals and NDP don't seem to be an effective opposition to this shameful conduct.

In my opinion, when you really compare the senate with the Stephen Harper Conservatives, the Senate doesn't seem quite as bad after all.


Lloyd Pickering

Kensington, RR 2, P.E.I.


Organizations: NDP

Geographic location: Ukraine, Russia, Kensington

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