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To the Editor,
We are so dense. Oh well, another fish kill on P.E.I., what’s new right? Why are we not getting this? Why can we not see that the one and only cause of these fish kills is the amount of chemicals sprayed on the land?

I get a real kick out of the “expert” saying they are investigating the cause of the fish kill. It is so simple even a non-expert like myself gets it. Chemicals kill. It would be interesting to know what amount of toxic chemicals it takes to poison a river to the point that it kills over 1,000 fish. I imagine it has to be a lot. But do we think as humans we are not affected by this?

Do we think these chemicals just go away with the flow of the water?

I can tell you for sure that these toxic chemicals do not just go away. All we have to do is look at the health of Islanders to see the result of such irresponsible actions. Our cancer rate is the highest in the country. Does this not mean anything to the people running our government?

Why is no one held accountable for this? These fish kills have been happening for years now. The government stepped in at one point and created buffer zones. Well what good is a 50-foot buffer zone on a hill that is 200 meters long? Does our government think that the water filled with chemicals magically stops at the buffer zone?

P.E.I. is all rolling hills, what is sprayed at the top of the hill will flow down to the creeks and rivers, guaranteed. That is the way nature works. The politicians we elect to our government are simply puppets to industry. No one wants to stand up and say “enough is enough, let’s clean up this mess.”

There are a lot of good people who have been working tirelessly for years to try to stop this and still we struggle with the same issue, chemicals on our land for the sake of money. The chemical industry is trying to brainwash people. Agriculture officials are trying to distract us with cute little messages on straw bales saying how good our P.E.I. potatoes are. Fact is, these potatoes are filled with chemicals, so much so more than 1,000 fish had to die.

Anne Gallant,


Geographic location: Kensington

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