Premier not looking out for interests of all Islanders

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What do you think of our first-class world traveller? Quite an amazing guy, eh? Just the wink of the eye or a flick of his fingers and Premier Ghiz changes rules and alters protocols to suit his own purpose. 

In March, he awarded the Order of P.E.I. to a young athlete without consulting the awards council. With his magic touch, when the awards council complained, he merely flicked his finger and changed the rules. 

Next he looked at the low salaries of his poorly-paid deputy ministers, (their salaries are among the highest on P.E.I.), not fair said Ghiz, we should be in line with and offer the same benefits as the other provinces. Once more, with the wink of an eye, he put in motion legislation to award the deputies large salary increases. Paul McNeill, editor of the Graphic newspaper, named him “Robert the Generous” (might have been a hint of sarcasm there).

Today, Islanders looked for the magic of Ghiz again. Recently on CBC Compass a local Island lady, Anna Peters, who is suffering from that dreadful disease of cancer, can’t afford the prescribed medication necessary to her health. The medications costs in the region of $10,000 per month, much more than an average Islander could afford. Strangely, this same medication is available on provincial drug programs in all others provinces, but not on P.E.I. So where, is our ‘Magic Ghiz’ when other Islanders need the same equality as his deputy ministers? Apparently he is nowhere to be found, and he neither winks nor lifts a finger to help.

I can’t agree with the name “Robert the Generous.” I think a more fitting title would be “Ghiz the Grinch” especially in the case of this poor unwell Island lady. What is it Ghiz is always claiming, “I’m here for the interests of all Prince Edward Islanders. Really, premier????????


F. Ben Rodgers    

Abram Village, P.E.I


Geographic location: Prince Edward Islanders

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Recent comments

  • okee
    July 27, 2014 - 17:43

    Well........its sad. Another kidney drug not available is expensive as well..........cyclosporine. However, a pharmacist told us that if you have a kidney transplant you may, but if you need it as in a prevention try then its up to you to foot the bill. Isn't prevention important as well? But there are many drugs that we all would like to see helped with I am sure. And good luck to the patients. Our population is attracting seniors from more expensive living ctres to retire here . Even if they never have before in some cases. We will have some more problems down the road if things do not get rosier., we need more doctors, nurses, etc......... I suspect the system will collapse.

    • collapse
      July 29, 2014 - 12:33

      So let the system collapse. The sooner the better. Detroit is booming now.