Care for the majority, not the few

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To the Editor,
The government is more concerned with their pay cheques and their pension plans and using government credit cards for their own needs than they are concerned for the well being of our taxpaying people and our next generation.

One day their talking about a pay raise for our deputy ministers because they don't match other provinces, but at the same time are making twice as much as an average two-parent family that is working. Plus, that two-parent family in some cases is making less then $50,000 a year and has to pay income tax to the government because they made over the ceiling of a two-parent family.

If our government could see past their own bank accounts then they would see that raising the ceiling for low income families to $60-70,000 instead of granting a pay raise for our deputy ministers is more important. Just for once put the people first. We voted you in to take care of the whole Island not a chosen few.

Next, their talking of overfilled classrooms and dropping special education programs and closing schools; apparently they are not ashamed to show their true colors.

Anne Christopher



Geographic location: Summerside

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