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To the Editor,
Government credit card used for fast food, lowest standard of education in the country, highest taxes, not sharing important information on deep-water wells.

Where do we begin? There are so many issues that should be covered but would take up too much space. I believe the real arrogance of the provincial government began on the night of the last election when Robert Ghiz chastised the people of Souris over the air waves for not re-electing Alan Campbell. He followed that up with a punishment for the people of Souris. No new school, we can’t afford it, he said, but managed to build a new school in his own district. I only remind you of these things so we might take more seriously the present direction of this government. I’m referring to the probable removal of the moratorium on deep-water wells requested by some in the potato industry.

I could be wrong and I hope I am, but it appears the lifting of this moratorium is a done deal.

The seriousness of this dangerous issue is the fact that if it becomes a done deal we can’t go back. It’s not like the other issues of Plan A or Plan B, or even the HST. This is about the very survival of our island, we are risking the one life sustaining and precious resource for which all life depends. Without water the island would become a wasteland. It’s difficult to understand why I even have to write this letter of protest. The interests of the provincial government should follow the same lines as the majority of Islanders. They should share our concerns and act on the promises made during their election campaigns.

F. Ben Rodgers 

Abram Village PE

Geographic location: Souris

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Recent comments

    July 22, 2014 - 14:57

    I feel that a large majority of Islanders feel as you do that it is a done deal. Why else would they hide the facts from the population. A lot will not speak out under the fear of losing their jobs. This Government has taken a small piece of paradise and turned into a place where people cannot afford to live, nor apparently have the right to drinkable water if and when they enact deep water wells to appease the corporation that eventually will leave anyway if the potatoes do not grow larger or the water dries up. Land and people do not matter over larger profits.