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Isn't it possible that deep well irrigation is not for P.E.I.?  To lift the moratorium and have the users pay for the water they use seems fine, from one point of view.  

It is important not to overlook the danger in becoming so mechanized, scientific and technical that we force unnatural biological performances.

With a driving ambition to produce more and more, on less and less, inorganic or chemical farmers produce enormous quantities of food of dubious quality. To maintain high production rates in agriculture, too many resort to measures that include the use of drugs and poisons. 

Farmers and the general public fail to recognize the inadequacies of chemical fertilizers. Major nutritional elements are put into the soil and, with heavy nitrogen stimulation, plants are grown. However, under discrete chemical analysis, these plants are not as good nutritionally as those grown with organic fertilizers, and it's overlooked that an incomplete plant diet is put on the soil. 

Such practice upsets the balance of nutritive elements, and, in time, leads to abnormal soil conditions.

For decades now, with the deficiencies in trace elements, crops lose their nutritional value.

Now that we've severely depleted many acres of soil, so much so that it would take years to bring back to its natural state, are Islanders seriously thinking of sharing their water resources with wealthy companies, not knowing for sure if the water of the Island will sustain the activity. 

When we're all drinking from bottled water, Irving might be the one to sell it to us, as the good quality of the water we now have from our domestic wells, may not endure. Who cares for who? Usually money is the key for change, unless Islanders are brilliant enough to inform themselves concerning the depleted quality of our food.

Are any of you sending your concerns to the Government of Prince Edward Island? To make a difference, yes, individuals will have to stand together and demand to be heard. Hopefully, not many will want to have high capacity wells installed.


Edna Arsenault

Wellington, P.E.I.

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