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To the Editor,
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has approved the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline, granted it is conditional, but nevertheless approved and will no doubt succeed if the Conservatives remain in government.

Yesterday I took a break from the World Cup to watch Question Period on CTV. The guest panel consisted of one Member of Parliament from each the NDP, Liberal and Green parties. Clearly missing was a representative from the Conservative government, they had been invited but apparently declined.

That is strange, if this government truly believes they are doing the right thing approving the pipeline, why not defend their reasons. Or at least come on TV and explain their reasons. Surely a sitting Conservative MP from a B.C. riding would want to defend his government’s decision.

Alas, nary a one could be found. The guest panel made some very good points and none were in favour of this project. I took two important facts from the discussion. The first is the great dangers that exist in piping this solid product to the B.C. coast, it requires mixing with a deadly concoction of chemicals to make it flow.

The danger of a maritime spill in the pristine inlet waters of B.C. would be a disaster of proportions never before seen. Are these risks really worth it?

However, the second point was this: Why not refine the product right at the tar sands? Why are we once again shipping our raw materials out of the country then buying back a finished product at a much greater price? I don’t need to remind anyone of the high prices we presently pay for gas and heating oils.

Having a refinery or refineries at home would surely produce longer term jobs than the building of a pipeline. If we produced our own oil would our prices not be lower? Would employment and job creation not be higher?

The result would surely be better jobs and better pay. I’m not an expert in any sense of the word, but surely this makes more sense than a pipeline. This leaves the burning question of just who is making these government decisions, is it government or is it big business?

F.Ben Rodgers

Abram Village

Geographic location: B.C.

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