Weight watcher: Beware of what you eat

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To the editor,
I have been watching a movie called Food Matters and it is yet another eye-opener on the food we eat.

The biggest problem in this day and age is that we have completely lost control of our food supply. When you go to the grocery store and buy fruits and vegetables, fresh orange juice and margarine, you may think you are eating healthy, but are not. First of all, margarine is like eating plastic, it is a terrible product that causes more harm than good, and doctors actually recommend it when people have heart problems. You can a make your own “margarine” called Better Butter.

It is a quarter of a pound of butter, a quarter of a cup of pure extra virgin olive oil and a quarter of a cup Omega 3-6-9 oil. Use a blender to make a creamy butter and keep in the fridge. Use just like butter but in moderation; these are all good fats that your body can use up.

Your fresh juice may be freshly squeezed at one time, but it could have been sitting in a large vat for up to one year before they put it in the boxes and ship it to the grocery store. What do they put in the juice to keep it from going bad? I learned lately that to keep apples from getting brown spots, they spray a gas chemical in the holding area to keep them fresh and nice looking.

What is this chemical and how does it affect our health? And why are they so shiny? Apples have a natural wax in them, however, when they are harvested, they are sprayed with a chemical water to clean them which takes out all the natural waxes.

Then they are sprayed again with a “government approved” wax, that to humans is not digestible. When food looks too perfect, you have to question why? Most of the non organic fruits and vegetables we buy are kept fresh with chemicals, otherwise how can we get this produce from Mexico, Costa Rica and California and they look so fresh?

Buying organic is a good option, however, it may seem more expensive, but you can make better choices. A bag of chips costs almost as much as a bin of fresh organic lettuce. You can have a snack for one evening or you can have salads for three or four days. It is all about choices and you are in control. So take charge of your health by taking charge of your diet.

Anne Gallant,



Geographic location: California, Mexico, Costa Rica Kensington

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