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To the Editor,
People have been hearing in the media lately about Miscouche Consolidated School. Our group of concerned parents represents more than 50 per cent of the families of that school and we have concerns of a highly serious nature regarding the physical, emotional, and educational well- being of our children while at school.

These problems have been progressively worsening over the last couple of years and, to-date, they have become beyond what we would consider acceptable.

We have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to resolve issues with the principal, the School Effectiveness Leader of the English Language School Board, and the superintendant of the English Language School Board. We then went with hopeful hearts to the Minister of Education. We have done all of this quietly and respectfully.

We have chosen to stand together as a group because when you have well over half the families of the school all dealing with similar issues, it suggests a larger problem. Even with our united voice our government refuses to hear us. We have requested that government meet with only two parents representing our entire group, yet we are refused, and in turn, are publicly accused of having a “mob” mentality and being on some sort of “witch hunt.”

We find these accusations of the Minister of Education, Alan McIsaac, highly offensive. Perhaps he is feeling highly defensive. Why would that be?

It seems that instead of helping find resolution to the problems our children are facing, he is taking a stand against us.

We sent the package of grievance letters from the families and our petition filled with signatures to Mr. McIsaac’s office on April 9. Following that, all we received was a call from his office stating he had received the package. We requested a response by a specific date several weeks later, but received no word. The minister did not respond to our letter until the opposition challenged him. During those conversations in the legislature Alan McIsaac repeatedly stated that he was in contact with some of the families in this group. None of our group had been contacted by his office.

It wasn’t until recently, when the Opposition pointed out the lack of proof of Mr. McIsaac’s claims, that our phones started ringing. Yet still, he refuses to meet with two spokesmen from our group and instead insists on individual meetings.

We had hoped that we could go to the minister for help and all we wanted to do was have two of the parents from our group sit across a table with him and discuss the issues. But he refuses. We have made it clear that we do not want to meet individually and we do not expect Alan McIsaac to address our group in its entirety if that intimidates him. We have two representatives of our group who have been attempting to schedule a meeting for discussion with our government but have been absolutely refused.

At this point we continue to hope that our government will step up and meet with our group representatives as requested and we also hope that our government will discontinue the slander of our group by referring to us as “a mob” and telling the public that we are “on a witch hunt.” This is not the case at all. We have striven to move through this process with the utmost respect and integrity, yet we are treated like villains from the very government we, sadly, put in office.

We will not back down. We want changes made that would ensure an improved environment in which we can send our children with comfort and assurance that it is such.

We are appalled at this reaction from our government when asked to step up and address the serious problems our children are faced with regularly.

Are there not systems in place that would help our children thrive in school? If not, perhaps it’s time some were created.

We are disappointed in this government’s portrayal of our group. We merely want a safe environment for our children and one that is conducive to their educational progression.

Leon Perry,

Miscouche Concerned Parents Group


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Recent comments

  • Tara
    May 28, 2014 - 17:48

    Keep at it! I was left with no choice but to remove my daughter from that school for her own mental and physical safety. PEI is bad as a good ole boys club, looks like this is no different. Our children deserve to be in a safe environment. For me the proof was easy to spot as my daughter's grades and behavior improved drastically with the support of the new school. My own child aside, I was witness to other severe incidents of neglect at MSC. That whole school needs a reboot. So, as the parent of one traumatized child, I commend your efforts and hope someone does something.