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To the Editor,
The federal Conservatives seem to be punishing the Maritime provinces.

The Conservative agenda on seasonal workers on EI in this region seems especially abusive, excessive, and almost cruel by a federal government.

I believe this agenda will have a very negative effect on retail and other businesses and there is no justification for treating the Maritime provinces in this manner.

I also wonder if we will lose a whole generation of our youth going west and not returning, causing further damage to the Maritime economy. Who could blame the youth going west and not returning if there is nothing here for them?

Another concern I have is why is Conservative MP Gail Shea not standing up for these seasonal workers who need hope for the future?

I really think this is very shocking and troubling and it shouldn't be like this.

While Prime Minister Stephen Harpers' Conservatives take jobs from this region from Veterans Affairs to postal workers across Canada, it doesn't help in improving the job markets in the Maritimes.

I think this is mean-spirited and an insult to veterans. I know that my own father who was a Merchant Navy veteran would be quite upset if he were with us today. He had served in both the British and Canadian Merchant Navies from 1939-1945 in the Second World War.

I really think this government is doing bad things to our economy, things that will have a ripple effect across the region with this cut and slash policy.

If they can spend billions on warships and planes, they shouldn’t be treating Maritimers like second-class citizens within Canada. It's awful and we all need to wake up and demand the Conservatives treat us equally, fairly, and with respect.

Lloyd Pickering



Organizations: Conservatives, Veterans Affairs

Geographic location: Maritime, Canada, Kensington

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