Broken promises and rhetoric from the Liberals

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Everyone has the right to change their mind. Take the premier and the Liberals for example. While in opposition our premier was adamant teachers had too
many PD days but now is adding many more.

In the Liberals’ 2007 election platform they stated they would create a new environmental ombudsman office to help Islanders with issues facing their health (there are no ombudsman on P.E.I.). They would end midmonth fuel price corrections by IRAC and control taxes we pay on fuels by keeping a flat tax that doesn’t increase with price. They would eliminate extra pay to MLAs sitting on committees. They would provide predictable and stable increases to municipal equalization. They would build a strong framework of accountability open for public scrutiny. The best Liberal promise was to end an unfair tax burden to P.E.I. taxpayers.

Personal income tax has increased two fold in the last 10 years. This government has raised user fees to unheard heights. Ghiz stated there would be no HST on P.E.I. unless certain items, such as electricity, were exempted. Recently he gave a speech claiming the HST is the best thing that ever happened on P.E.I. He claims it has helped the economy by increasing tax credits allowed for business but forgot to mention the tax burden was shifted to consumers, which increased his tax revenues. Other provinces made the change to the HST revenue neutral.

The Liberals offered a rebate to low-income earners of $150 to $200 dollars yearly to offset HST tax increases but will NOT index personal income tax. While Wes Sheridan is smilingly handing you your HST rebate cheque with his right hand, his left hand is relieving you of $136 income tax dollars this year. Mathematically, the rebate minus the sneaky tax grab will leave low-income earners with $24 to $74 dollars this year and less each following year.

Obviously this Liberal government under Premier Ghiz offered a lot of rhetoric to impress taxpayers, which now appears to have been insincere and exaggerated.


Gary A O MacKay

Birch Hill, P.E.I.


Geographic location: P.E.I.

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