Employment insurance recipients are being mistreated

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I am shocked at how Employment workers are abusing employment insurance recipients.
First they hold some claims back for six to eight weeks to make a decision and still they refuse some. These people can't make their house payments or feed their children waiting that long.

Do these workers realize what they are doing to these people? They are losing their homes; their children are not being fed. Many are getting depressed and ending up in mental hospitals or worse yet suicide.

Now they're calling people on it into their office and reviewing their claims. More abuse.

Do they not realize the EI fund is paid into by employers and employees and has nothing to do with government funding. So why is this abuse on the people continuing?

Wasn't long ago the Ottawa government dipped into the EI fund and nothing was done about that, and they took $5 million at that time. And here we worry about people getting a little help till they get work again.

I hope these Employment workers all lose their job and feel the pain they inflicted on others.

Ruth Mallett

Summerside, P.E.I.


Geographic location: Ottawa

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  • wanda livingstone
    January 27, 2014 - 18:05

    First I was shocked at Gail Shea's response to the employment insurance and the outward migration of islanders, issue here on PEI.Then I thought why would I be shocked on her view of the situation on PEI because when it came to a vote in Parliament Ms. Shea got up and left before the vote was taken,why would any member elected to support their Province not vote on such an important issue?? I was reading her response from the PC AGM held last weekend .She stated that it is not uncommon for Islanders to move away for a better life rather than living here on PEI,and that is the reason we have so many relatives in Toronto ,Boston and in the West. Makes me wonder why they all flock back to their homeland when their work life is over,could it be they did not want to leave in the first place. She also stated that the next generation will not be staying here either because they are not willing to work at seasonal employment and then drawing EI ,they will be moving on for a better live ,not staying here where there is nothing to keep them here. So now I am thinking in 15 - 20 years there is not going to be any more farming, fishing or tourism here on PEI. Well it is my opinion that we send someone else to Ottawa to fight for our issues here on PEI because Ms. Shea I for one want to keep farming, fishing an tourism here on PEI. I also want the Health Accord to be renewed in 2014 , another issue she keeps avoiding . So I guess the only thing left to say is ,will the last person leaving PEI please turn out the lights.

  • brian lecky
    January 17, 2014 - 19:23

    Amen..A survey should be done on this issue..Is this costing the health care system,how much personal debt has been incurred by disqualified Ei nonreciepents ETC.??? I volunteer to be the first surveyed!!!!!!!!