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Only two parties have run Canada (federally) and P.E.I. (provincially) — Liberals and Conservatives. On the federal side, taxpayers have paid billions into pension funds. Bill C-78 was federally passed. Surplus pension funds (approximately $28 billion) were removed and assigned to anything but pensions.

Governments’ incompetency and broken promises in P.E.I. and Canada wide have left billions in shortfalls for pensions. Things are so critical according to Finance Minister Wes Sheridan that he is attempting to have all Canadians contribute more into the CPP pension. He wants taxpayer to pay for something government skimmed funds from and which taxpayers have already paid for once.

Has any P.E.I. government diverted funds for various projects when return rates were sky high? The P.E.I. Liberals are afraid to empower the electorate by allowing it to spend a decent income to stimulate the economy choosing instead to tax us to death and force people to leave P.E.I. to make a living, having us believe it is the fault of EI cuts.

Wes will NOT index personal income tax because it would cost him a few million, which would hamper his balancing the budget. Wes, P.E.I. is $2.8 billion in the hole and you have never balanced a budget. Perhaps you should take back the millions you doled out to your crony friends and start controlling government’s wasteful spending binges.

We often hear many people must choose between medication, food or heat. The pressure on food banks is enormous. Wes and his party need not worry about money as they got a three per cent raise last year, which vastly surpasses our most vulnerable citizens’ raises. Wes can crank up the heat at home, jump into his big truck which is filled with fuel, and buy the best foods and spirits available, thanks to the taxpayers of P.E.I. After all the taxpayers have given, he is still not satisfied.

Wes, are these “facts” malarkey or the truth?


Gary A O MacKay

5452 Rte. 12 Birch Hill,

Tyne Valley, P.E.I.

Geographic location: P.E.I., Canada, Tyne Valley

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