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It was of great concern to hear a CBC report that Prince Edward Island politicians have chosen to follow New Brunswick’s example on official “forced” bilingualism adopting a French Language Services Act.

The report stated that 20 government departments must start providing province wide services in both English and French.

Beyond a doubt this means that many existing competent unilingual employees will be replaced and senior staff forced to retire or moved to a lower paying position.

For certain, like in New Brunswick, the next demands will be for bilingual supervisors, which really means bilingual French. From that point on bilingual French will be favored for future positions, which again will lead to demands to work in their language of choice.

Whatever became of the Pierre Trudeau Liberal government’s promised policy of “where numbers warrant” that would avoid discrimination against the unilingual majority within the government job market? That was soon forgotten when there was little resistance from the majority.

Obviously P.E.I. politicians haven’t considered the costs associated with duality, “duplication,” which has turned out to be a large part of why New Brunswick is presently on the brink of bankruptcy.

According to our government’s own figures 30,000 New Brunswickers are now employed outside the province, many due to the number of jobs having been gradually designated bilingual essential.

New Brunswick’s debt now exceeds $11 billion with a deficit of nearly $1 billion.

Prince Edward Island has a population of approximately 140,000, of which a small portion of 5,000 are French. Therefore we don’t have to guess where many of those “so called’ bilingual employees will come from.

MOVE OVER unilingual Islanders, make way for many of your future government employees fresh from Quebec’s Franco Bank. No doubt some are already packing.

As in New Brunswick, it will be useless for unilingual Islanders to apply for employment in their own government.  When will Canadians wake up to this discriminating policy?

Let’s not forget — a nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.


Matthew Glenn

President, Anglo Society of New Brunswick.






Organizations: Islanders, Franco Bank, Anglo Society

Geographic location: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec

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Recent comments

  • willie wonka
    December 23, 2013 - 11:50

    Having lived in New Brunswick most of my life----welcome to the bottom of the heap PEI. You will be oh soooooooooooooo sorry. My condolences!

    December 22, 2013 - 13:29

    The small 3.5% minority controlling the majority and you wonder why people leave the province. This means that regardless if you obtain 100 per cent credibility in your chosen profession you will still not get the job you are qualified for if you do not speak French. I have seen it many times in my thirty years with the Federal government that for the positions you must speak perfect French but the French can get the positIons with only a few words of English. In the Military 18 per cent of promotions must be French even if they are not in the top qualified group. As one serviceman said to me once and I quote. I don't care about doing a good job I am going to get promoted anyway unquote and he did. Soon all job announcements might as well state ENGLISH NEED NOT APPLY.