Plan B Highway should receive a C or D

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I read Mayor Fullerton of Cornwall’s letter to the editor “Plan B deserves an A” recently in The Guardian.

Well, I for one certainly disagree with his view of this expensive project and I suspect many more will in the days ahead. Instead of an “A”, maybe it should receive a “C” or “D” as people were also put out of their homes for this project.

I think instead of this Plan B Highway by Robert Vessey and the rest of the Liberal Ghiz gang, we now could’ve had a central provincial museum for the province.

The province, with its rich history, and especially with the 2014 events coming up, would have been a “common sense” approach in my opinion. Unfortunately, the foresight didn’t seem to be there for a worthwhile project like this one by this government.

I certainly believe the Plan B Highway was not a step in the right direction. I really think our tax dollars should have been spent more wisely by the provincial government from the offset.

In the end, I think we all need to stand up to the dictators wherever they be. As one gentleman said, “Canada, land of the free because of the brave.” Merry Christmas to all of us who fit into this latter description.


Lloyd Pickering

Sea View, P.E.I.

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Recent comments

    December 18, 2013 - 08:56

    I agree with Lloyd Pickering. The Plan 'B' highway should be classed as a C or D. The highway is now a raceway. People are driving faster. It will take about 10 years for all the new trees and grass to cover the mess the government made, but it will never cover the loss that some people had to lose their homes. There are far greater things for the government to spend our tax dollars on, such as give them another pay raise, God forbid, they are not making enough, while a lot of people on this island of lost jobs, and people struggling to make ends meet.