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Owning a home is dream not realized by some.


Yet it is something we all want —a place of our own to raise our families, make memories and escape to at the end of the day. A refuge, a warm place to sleep, a constant roof over our heads.

Unfortunately, the expense of owning a home and even the cost of down payment and monthly mortgage payments are something many cannot afford.

It’s something that countless Island families face.

But thanks to one organization, that seemingly unattainable dream has become a reality for numerous families both on P.E.I. and beyond.

Here, on the Island, for the past 15 years, Habitat for Humanity has helped 44 families become homeowners. This Sunday, Kinkora’s Colleen McCarvill will join those, thanks to Habitat and the outpouring of support from her neighbours.

Her story is one of sorrow and now joy. She and her fiancé, Justin Hunter, dreamed of owning their own house, but a tragic accident claimed Justin’s life. Colleen, left on her own to raise her three children, didn’t think their dream would ever come true.

That’s where the Community of Kinkora and Habitat came in.

Countless Kinkora residents — and others from the Island and even people from Ontario — helped with the project, doing everything from raising the walls and putting up drywall to cooking for and serving those working daily at the site.

It’s been a great show of community spirit and something those on the build committee say has brought the close-knit community even closer.

And that scenario, one of a community pitching in to help raise these homes, is something that has played out numerous times over the past 15 years.

And it is something Habitat for Humanity’s Susan Zambonin hopes will continue.

With Habitat expecting to build 10 more homes into 2015, the need for help from the Island community is always needed.

Often times, she said, the first build in a community draws people out. It’s the second and the third that can be difficult.

What could be more fulfilling than giving a few hours to help another family, maybe even someone you know, have a place of their own?

By doing so, we can help ensure that for the next 15 years Habitat for Humanity can continue in making the dream of homeownership a reality for more of our neighbours.


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